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Join Thor, Odin, Loki and more in the rich Norse setting of Thunderstruck 2 slot. With vivid graphics and electrifying features like expanding wilds and unlockable free spins, this Microgaming title brings mythic characters to life on the reels for an epic gaming experience.

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ThunderStruck 2 Slot Review

Travel to Asgard and battle Norse gods of legend in Thunderstruck II, an iconic video slot from Microgaming. This epic game takes you on a mythological journey filled with magical characters, electrifying features and massive win potential.

Since its launch in 2010, Thunderstruck II has cemented its place among the most popular online slots. The game builds on the original 2004 Thunderstruck slot with enhanced graphics, sounds and features. Over a decade later, Thunderstruck II still holds its own against modern slots.

Thunderstruck II is a 5 reel, 243 ways to win video slot based on Norse mythology. The graphics transport you to a mystical world populated by gods like Thor, Odin and Loki. Lightning cracks across the stormy skies above the reels, setting the mood for an epic slots adventure.

This in-depth review covers everything you need to know about Thunderstruck II. We’ll look at the game’s symbols, special features, available bets and more. You can also try the free demo slot to experience Asgard for yourself.

ThunderStruck 2 slot logo

Thunderstruck II was developed by leading online slots provider Microgaming. It arrived in 2010 as the highly anticipated sequel to 2004’s Thunderstruck slot.The slot features 5 reels and 243 permanently enabled paylines. Having so many paylines was a big innovation at the time of the game’s release. Thunderstruck II also has a generous RTP of 96.65%.

Thunderstruck II is a 5 reel, 243 ways to win video slot based on Norse mythology

Thunderstruck II: An Epic Norse Slots Quest

Before you lies the path to Asgard, home of the mighty Norse gods. But beware – only the boldest warriors can survive the journey and claim the immense treasures that await. Your quest begins with Thunderstruck II, an iconic online slot that unleashes the full fury of Thor and Loki upon its reels.

Embedded above, you’ll find the free Thunderstruck II demo slot to test your skills before battling the gods for real. And know that on, hundreds more free play slots exist alongside this legendary game.

Now steel your nerves and grip your sword – a mythic slots adventure filled with magical beasts, electrifying features and riches beyond imagination is about to begin!

Braving the Reels of Thunderstruck II

The call of Asgard is strong, but none can enter its halls without proving their worth. Here’s what to expect from the perilous reels of Thunderstruck II:

  • 5 reels and 243 ways to conquer. More paths to glory than any warrior can imagine!
  • Towering payouts reaching 2.4 million coins for the boldest fighters.
  • Thor, Loki and Odin themselves oversee the conquests.
  • Free spins and Wilds abound, awarded to heroes who please the gods.
  • Thunderstorms of wild reels strike without warning!

This journey ends one of two ways – with you escaping Asgard laden with treasure…or exiting empty-handed. How it unfolds depends wholly on the strength of your arm and the sharpness of your mind.

The gods have unleashed their most powerful beasts and magical features upon these reels. Conquering them demands skill, courage and a warrior’s spirit. Are you up for the challenge? Then let the quest commence!

Game Mechanics:

  • 5 reels, 3 rows, 243 ways to win
  • Medium volatility, RTP of 96.65%

Standard Features:

  • Wild symbol that substitutes for other symbols
  • Wild doubles payouts when substituting in wins
  • Scatter symbol triggers free spins

Bonus Features:

  • Great Hall of Spins bonus round
  • Progressive unlocking of Valkyrie, Loki, Odin, and Thor free spin bonuses
  • Increasing number of spins and features in each bonus level
  • Wild Magic feature during Loki bonus
  • Rolling Reels feature during Thor bonus
  • Wild Raven multipliers during Odin bonus
  • Up to 5 reels turn Wild in the Wildstorm feature

Marching on Asgard – The Journey Begins

As the mists part before you, the towering walls of Asgard come into view. Lightning cracks endlessly across the tumultuous skies above. Somewhere behind those massive gates lies untold fortune for a bold enough warrior to seize it. To even approach the gates, you must cross 5 perilous reels teeming with Norse beasts and magical perils. Along the way, 243 routes to rewards present themselves – more paths to glory than any mortal eye can discern.

This journey also promises payouts worthy of the gods themselves. None who have ventured this way return poor – the boldest fighters can carry up to 2.4 million coins from the reels of Thunderstruck II!

But forget those rewards for now. The temple gates barring your way are adorned with images of Thor, Loki and Odin. These gods oversee all who pass through the reels. Make them frown and you’ll be ejected with nothing. Please them and they may grant free spins and wild magic to further your quest.

First, you must determine the size of your wager. Ample riches lie ahead, but real reward demands real risk. With mighty giants and serpents prowling the slots, no warrior would dare stake less than $0.30 per spin of their sword. The greatest heroes may bet up to $60 as they confront the reels.

The time has come. With a roar of thunder, the engraved doors slide open. Beyond lies untold glory and gold for any warrior bold enough to seize it. Gripping your sword, you step onto the first reel for the slots adventure of a lifetime!

ThunderStruck 2. Up to 5 reels turn Wild in the Wildstorm feature.

Navigating the Halls of Valhalla

The entrance slams shut behind you, sealing you inside the reels of Thunderstruck II. No way forward now but onward. Strange symbols adorn the slot walls flickering with torchlight. You immediately recognize playing card crests, engraved here as golden spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. While valuable, far richer treasures lie ahead.

Your pulse quickens at the sight of a Viking longship sailing by. In these halls, it foretells voyage prizes up to 375 coins. But your eyes are set on the luminous Bifrost bridge farther down the hall – 5 in a row can award a warrior up to 750 coins!

The clanging steps of an approaching soldier grab your attention next. It’s a Valkyrie, shield maiden of Odin, marching up the reels. Aligning five Valkyries brings rewards up to 2,250 coins.

Your hands tighten on your hilt – true dangers lurk ahead. Around the next bend snarls Loki, God of Mischief, dissolving and reforming in place. Vanquishing him gifts up to 4,500 coins.

The hallway shakes violently as Thor, God of Thunder himself lands his hammer. Thor holds the power to unleash the slot’s mightiest features. Defeating him pays up to 6,750 coins.

Lastly, the mighty Odin stares back from the final reel. Face him and beat him, and 9,000 coins are yours. But fail and no payout you’ve earned may leave these halls.

The path is set. Now to battle through, take on the gods themselves and exit a champion!

Mythic Weapons to Aid Your Quest

No warrior succeeds on the strength of arms alone. You’ll need magic as well if you hope to exit the reels victorious. The first gift comes as you dodge a blast of lightning – the glowing Wilds symbol materializes in your hand! This rune wields the power to transform into any other symbol, completing winning lines. Its magic also doubles the payout of any combination it aids.

With newfound power, you continue down the hall, blasting back giants and beasts with your Wilds magic. Your confidence swells – until a deafening boom knocks you flat!

Peering up, you behold Mjolnir, the mythical hammer of Thor itself! Wherever it lands becomes charged with electric power. This Scatter symbol carries its own magic, especially when landing 3 or more times.

Power courses through you as Mjolnir’s magic takes hold. The walls shake and crack, each brick transforming into a portal. Beyond you glimpse untold riches – the Hall of Free Spins!

But mystical barriers block each portal. To access the fortunes within, you must summon Mjolnir’s power repeatedly to smash through.

Once unlocked, the portals unleash free spin challenges themed after legendary Norse gods. Valkyrie, Loki, Odin and Thor himself await within for any warrior brazen enough to battle them all!

Your confidence renewed, you march on through the reels. Wilds magic obeys your commands as you clear your path through beasts and giants. All the while, you yearn to wield Mjolnir again and unlock your shot at the Hall of Free Spins.

Thunderstruck II - The Great Hall of Free Spins

Trials of the Gods

Rain and snow pelt down as you traverse the mid-point of the five reels. Lightning crackles wildly above, rippling with the raw power of the gods. This storm magic could descend and alter the reels at any moment… Sure enough, a deafening thunderclap rings out! You brace for impact – only to realize the gods have granted you favor this round.

Blazing lightning branded with runes of power scars the reels, charging the first and fifth reels with limitless magic. The very walls and floor morph into Wilds before your eyes!

With 5 freshly mutated wild reels, the path ahead you can now clear with ease. No soldier or beast stands a chance against such mythic might. Collecting the winnings from this god-sent bonus, you march on with blades high.

More twists and turns reveal more enemies and perils. But many now dissolve to pixie dust with a single strike of your powered-up sword. Wilds symbols spring forth constantly to cut you a path onward.

At times Mjolnir crashes down as well, once…twice…even thrice in a single round! But its portal gateways remain locked, the keys held back for only the most valorous warriors.

After ten arduous clashes, you can finally feel your summoning magic gaining strength. After fifteen, Mjolnir cracks open the first portal at last!

Blinding light spills out as you step through. When your vision adjusts, a winged figure hovers before you – the Valkyrie! To earn her treasures, you must defeat this shield-maiden in battle right here on the reels.

Bracing your blade, you call out your challenge. The Valkyrie smiles back, bestowing 10 free rounds in which to test your skill against her.

Your sword strikes true again and again, multiplying winnings fivefold with the Valkyrie’s blessing. In time, she falls back – though her healing magic remains. Additional free rounds may yet be granted if you continue proving your valor against the reels.

The Valkyrie departs to recover her strength until your next encounter. Flush with coins and emboldened by victory, you stride toward the second portal. Answering the next godly challenge fills your warrior’s heart with excitement.

Loki’s Tricks and Odin’s Gifts

Twice now has Mjolnir shattered the mystic gates. A new portal breach unleashes icy winds, heralding the domain of Loki, God of Mischief. Little surprises he who battles Loki. The cunning god begins with a mere fifteen free rounds to best him. But you steel yourself, sensing dangers hidden throughout his realm.

As expected, Loki immediately unveils his trickery. A glowing rune materializes during your third round – the Wild Magic symbol! Wherever it appears, random symbols transform into additional wilds.

Battling through Loki’s freezing domain proves more taxing than expected. But wild magic continues providing aid, granting more matching symbols to drive back the mischief god’s minions.

By your final clash, Loki himself staggers back, granting a moment of respite. “Return again and this fight continues!” he rasps before vanishing. The portal remains open, beckoning for your next encounter.

After ten crushing battles, you stand breathless before the third gateway. An icy wind blasts out as the runes reshape from Loki’s to Odin’s mark.

The Allfather’s trials begin without flourish. Twenty free rounds await within to best Odin and claim his riches.

In you march, sword at the ready. Immediately the god unveils his first weapon – a pair of jet black ravens circles overhead, screeching down angrily. As Niflheim’s icy winds return to impede your progress, you realize Odin’s plan.

The ravens represent Huginn and Muninn, thought and memory. They swoop down during your relentless clashes with Odin’s minions to modify the board. Symbols morph into 2x and 3x multipliers wherever a raven alights.

When both swoop together, your winnings briefly soar at 6x their normal rate! Odin may rule the realm of wisdom, but you match his tricks with steel will and tenacity.

After an exhaustive series of battles, Odin relents your temporary victory. “We shall meet again warrior,” he warns, signaling the next brutal confrontation to come. And yet your confidence has only grown – just one portal remains unopened!

The Might of Thor

Battered but undefeated, you stand before the final gateway and its engraving of Thor, God of Thunder. Mjolnir hums in your hand, sensing its master’s domain just beyond. For a fifteenth and final time, you lift the mighty hammer and bring it crashing down upon the entrance stones. A deafening blast echoes outward as the doors fly apart before you.

Thor’s trials do not wait to begin. Twenty-five free rounds await within, with Thor himself overseeing your clashes upon the reels. There he hovers – rippling with muscle and gripping his devastating hammer.

You pace forward, muscles tensed for combat. Thor surveys you with a warrior’s eye then nods and springs his first attack.

A blast of lightning shatters your first several opponents in one strike. But it only lasts a fleeting moment. You ready yourself to face the next wave, but Thor motions for you to wait and see.

Sure enough, the lightning briefly returns during your second wave of foes, strengthening your strikes twofold! Again after the third clash, amplifying your blows three times over!

Now Thor’s grand design becomes clear. Each consecutive victory swells your rewards exponentially, from 2x, 3x, 4x…all the way to 5x your winnings! Floating ruins replace the enemies you smite so new riches await with every conquered round.

By your twentieth free spin, your coins have multiplied over thirtyfold! Even Thor nods approvingly at your demonstration of power. The final challenges pit you directly against the God of Thunder himself, blade against hammer.

You clash again and again, wielding wilds magic and every ounce of your battle prowess. And though bloodied, Thor ultimately relents – none have pushed him quite this far before! “You have my respect, warrior,” he announces. “But next we meet, the outcome may be different…”

With that, the final portal closes. The trials of Asgard’s gods lie behind you. Ahead awaits only the treasure rightfully earned!

Escaping the Halls with Arms Full

Weary but triumphant, you limp your way through the final reel. As the final gate groans open, sunlight spills over you and the telltale clinking of coins rings out. Turning back, you behold an endless sea of gold and jewels spilling from the slot walls! This is the treasure trove granted to mighty warriors who conquer the reels and please the fickle gods watching over them.

Scooping loads of ancient coins and priceless relics into your bag, you make one final check that Mjolnir remains in hand. The hammer’s power may yet be needed again during future battles against the gods of Asgard.

As the inner gates grind shut behind you, Odin’s voice echoes a final time in your mind:

“You have fought bravely and pleased the gods! But more quests and fearsome beasts await if you ever return to brave the Realm Eternal again!”

And perhaps one day, when you grow weary of the mortal realm, you shall return. For glory awaits beyond the wall of any warrior bold enough to take up this mythic slots quest once again!

With your sack now bulging with glittering coins, you set off to celebrate this immense victory. The bards will sing tales of your feats this day for centuries to come! But greater glories still await over the next horizon…

So ready your blade once again brave warrior! Other slots adventures filled with magic and treasure await on!


What mythical creature can randomly deliver a 6x multiplier during the Odin free spins bonus?

Odin’s magical ravens Huginn and Muninn.

How many different gods are featured in the unlockable free spins bonuses?

Four – Valkyrie, Loki, Odin, and Thor.

What did Thor use to fly and battle enemies?

His hammer Mjolnir, which is the Scatter symbol.

What natural phenomenon occurs constantly in the skies above the Thunderstruck 2 reels?

Lightning and thunder.

What symbol triggers the Great Hall of Spins bonus game?

Thor’s Hammer scatter symbol.

What slot mechanic randomly turns reels completely wild?

The Wildstorm feature.

Written by: Vlad Hvalov