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Colossal Symbols Overview

Colossal Symbols are an exciting feature found in many modern video slots that utilizes oversized symbols to occupy multiple spaces on the reels. This creates bigger winning potential compared to standard sized symbols.

Play slots with Colossal Symbol feature for free

5x5 table,  reels, 4000 paylines, arcade fighting , NetEnt

5 reels, 40 paylines, 50000X - max pay


5 reels, 25 Paylines, 2500X - max Pay,

Vendor - Pragmatic Play

6 reels, 117 649 megaways to win, 12 000X - max pay,
Pragmatic Play

Reels: 5 reels, Ways to Win: 40 paylines, Max Win : 9052 X, MaX Bet: 40 EUR

Vendor  -  Yggdrasil

  6 reels, Ways to Win: 40, Max Win : 5120X, Max bet: 400 EUR

Vendor  -  Yggdrasil

5X6 reels, 7776 ways to win
Pragmatic Play

How Colossal Symbols Work

In a typical 5×3 slot layout, each symbol takes up one space on the reels per spin. Colossal Symbols break this norm by making certain symbols 2×2, 3×3 or even bigger. When part of a winning combo, these giant symbols pay out as if they were individual symbols.

Fatzs Dinner - Colossal sumbol

For example, a 3×3 Colossal Wild landing on the first 3 reels counts as 9 separate Wilds. This vastly improves the chances of hitting a big win versus standard sized symbols.

What you need to know about Colossal Symbols mechanics

  • The positions that Colossal Symbols can appear in are usually random. Some slots will only allow them on specific reels or reel sets.
  • When a Colossal Symbol lands, all parts of it act as individual symbols. So a 3×3 symbol counts as 9 separate symbols for payline wins.
  • Some slots allow Colossal Symbols to be duplicated or replicated. For example, if a Colossal Wild lands on one set of reels, it may also appear on a different reel set.
Gigagong - gigablox
  • Certain slots have Transferring Colossal Symbols that move or expand between reel sets. A Colossal Wild may transfer from a small reel set to the larger main reel set.
  • Colossal Symbols often cannot occupy all positions on a reel. For example, a 3×3 symbol couldn’t cover the last 3 rows on a 5-row reel.
  • Landing multiple Colossal Symbols on one spin vastly increases the chances of a big win. Some slots even guarantee their appearance.
  • Colossal Symbol payouts are usually multiplied compared to payouts for standard symbols. A 3×3 Colossal Symbol combo may pay 3x or more than a regular symbol combo.
  • Some slots allow Colossal Symbols to substitute for other symbols like regular Wilds. Others may only substitute for specific symbols.
  • Colossal Symbols are most common during free spins or bonus rounds, but some slots have them in the base game too.

Colossal Symbols in Base Games and Bonuses

Some slots have Colossal Symbols in the base game only, but they more commonly appear in free spins or bonus rounds to increase winning chances. Bonuses may feature Colossal Wilds or entire reels turning Colossal for huge potential payouts.

Mr Toad Gold colossal symbol

Popular Colossal Symbol Slots

Many modern video slots utilize Colossal Symbols, such as:

Colossal Symbols bring an exciting twist to slots with their oversized symbols leading to bigger wins. Their versatility allows them to boost base games, free spins, and bonuses alike.