Asgard by RealTime Gaming

The game features a Norse mythology theme with high volatility, 5 reels, 243 paylines, and a maximum win of 2,000x the bet. It offers a range of bonus features, including wilds, scatters, and various free games and features. The RTP is approximately 96%, and the game was released in December 2017.

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Asgard Slot Review

RealTime Gaming developed Asgard, a 5-reel online slot game featuring the All Ways Pays mechanic. This game situates players in the mythical realm of Norse legends through immersive graphics and sound. Winning combinations form left to right on adjacent reels. With generous multipliers and a maximum payout of 2,000 times the bet, Asgard offers thrilling potential rewards.

The game includes symbols representing Norse gods and mythology. The Golden Wild, the highest paying symbol, substitutes for all symbols except scatters and doubles any win. However, Asgard’s array of special features constitutes the main attraction. The Thunderbolt Feature randomly triggers on normal spins, turning up to 5 reels wild before awarding pays. Landing at least 3 scatters starts one of four unlockable free spin features, each with increasing benefits.

At its core, Asgard employs familiar slots mechanics enhanced by its mythic trappings. Spinning the reels evokes adventures and battles, while winning payouts become hard-fought treasures. Minor touches like runic borders around the reels and ornate text convey the ancient Nordic aesthetic. Asgard’s refined style and immersive qualities demonstrate how strong art direction and game design can create an engaging slots experience based on storytelling and theme.

Theme and Visuals

Asgard’s Norse mythology theme permeates every aspect of the slot’s presentation and gameplay. The backdrop depicts Asgard itself, a cosmic realm glittering with stars and celestial bodies. The reel area overlays a stone wall carved with ancient runic symbols and decorations. This art direction immediately transports players to a world of Norse gods and Viking warriors.

Asgard continues its Norse theme through major deity symbols Thor, Loki, Odin, and Freya rendered as stylized 2D images. The lower-value geometric card symbols also receive an icy Nordic treatment with angular designs. Animated touches like gods’ blinking eyes bring symbols to life when forming wins.

Colors equally reflect the Norse inspiration, from blue-tinged reels to silver and gold accents. Every choice reinforces ancient Scandinavia’s cold, hard materiality. The jagged font mirrors medieval Germanic runes. Visually, Asgard fully utilizes the mythological concept in all details.

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The cinematic soundtrack also enhances the Nordic atmosphere with chanting voices and percussive orchestral music, evoking adventure rhythms. Triumphant riffs highlight wins while subdued strings build tension during losses. Combined with polished visuals, the dramatic music makes Asgard’s world feel real and vivid. Asgard’s fantastic Norse realization represents a benchmark for thematic cohesion in slots.

Asgard slot by RealTime Gaming
Asgard slot by RealTime Gaming

Reel Layout and Bet Sizes

Asgard follows a standard 5-reel, 3-row video slot format with 243 ways to win. This provides numerous opportunities to hit winning combinations, as any matching symbol on adjacent reels starting from the left triggers payouts. With no fixed paylines, players can focus on lining up the best symbol matches rather than worrying about payline selection.

The ways-to-win structure also allows for bet sizes ranging from $0.30 to $7.50 per spin. At max bet, the potential payouts reach astronomical proportions compared to payline slots. Lower bets accommodate conservative budgets, while high rollers can ramp up the wager for chances at massive rewards. This wide betting range helps attract casual spinners and VIP players alike.

An autoplay feature allows effortless hands-off play, with options to automate up to 1000 spins based on conditions like jackpot wins or feature triggers. Players can also speed up or slow down the reel animations to customize the slots experience. Responsible gaming settings provide further control over spending limits and session durations.

On the user interface side, Asgard arranges its buttons and menus cleanly and intuitively. Important functions like selecting bet size and starting spins are mapped to large buttons for convenient access. The reels occupy most of the screen with ample margins on all sides. Menu panels slide out smoothly from the edges when opened. Crisp graphics and easily visible game elements create an attractive and playable interface.

Combined with its mythological visuals, Asgard’s standard reel layout, betting flexibility, and polished UI provide a solid framework for an engaging slots game. Familiar mechanics meet extensive playstyle and display customizations for accessible gameplay in an epic setting. The machine itself disappears behind the journey into Asgard’s world of gods and glory.

Symbols and Payouts

Asgard incorporates Norse mythology through its meaningful symbols. The high-value deity symbols include Odin, Thor, Loki, and Freya as detailed illustrations. Getting 5 matching gods rewards 350 to 500x the bet, delivering the largest payouts as the most powerful Asgardians.

The Golden Wild symbol substitutes for other symbols to complete wins. It also doubles any resulting payouts, up to 1000x the bet, making it extremely valuable.

The Bonus scatter activates free spins when hitting 3+. These free rounds provide the biggest potential earnings as players unlock more rewarding bonuses, making the scatter critical for profits.

The low-value Germanic rune symbols pay 100 to 150x for 5 matches. The runes provide frequent small wins while fitting the setting.

Asgard directly incorporates its Norse theme through its symbols and characters instead of generic icons. Coupled with the betting options, the varied symbols and strategic Golden Wild open multiple avenues to fortune by conquering Asgard’s cosmic challenges.

Special Features

Asgard incorporates special features that excite and enable huge wins. The random Thunderbolt Feature can make up to 5 adjacent reels completely wild on any base game spin. Having multiple wild reels simultaneously creates massive chain reactions as the wilds substitute across rows, providing instant big win potential.

However, the main attraction is Asgard’s four unlockable free spins bonuses with ever-increasing rewards. Landing Bonus scatters in the base game unlocks access to the bonuses through tiered progression. Each unlocked bonus remains available for strategic use in different sessions.

While sharing free spins, the bonuses offer unique twists. The Goddess bonus awards basic 15 free spins but triples all payouts for huge potential. Loki’s Magic provides 20 free spins and adds extra wilds on specific reels instead of multipliers. Thor’s bonus features multiplier wilds up to 6x in combination with the Golden Wild. Finally, Odin’s bonus morphs symbols after payouts for repeat wins and a 5x maximum multiplier.

By varying reward types, each bonus round provides distinct strategic experiences. Players can power up payouts through flat multipliers, extra wilds, or progressive multipliers based on preferences and judgement. The multiple free spins modes add engaged decision-making beyond base gameplay.

Free Spins Features

As Asgard’s most lucrative game events, the four free spins bonuses deserve a deeper look at their distinct mechanics and strategies.

Free Spins Features. As Asgard’s most lucrative game events, the four free spins bonuses deserve a deeper look at their distinct mechanics and strategies.
The Goddess Free Spins provides a fittingly named introductory bonus with its tripling of all payouts.

The Goddess Free Spins provides a fittingly named introductory bonus with its tripling of all payouts. Directly boosting every win makes it reliable and easy to understand. The tripling applies to both regular symbol matches and those involving special Golden Wilds, which can stack with their own doubling for insane 6x multiplier wins. For raw power, the Goddess bonus is straightforward and desirable.

Loki’s Magic represents a more variable opportunity through its shifting pattern of added wild symbols. Their random appearance across reels creates chances for cascading wins when new wilds fill in gaps. It encourages riskier play to chase wildcard combinations, befitting Loki’s unpredictable nature. The extra scatter-triggered spins also prolong the fun.

Thor’s wild multiplier bonus combines guaranteed win boosts with chance, as the 2x and 3x multipliers are randomly assigned when they substitute in paid combinations. When combined with Golden Wilds, wins can soar as high as 6x the normal amount. Thor brings reliable might but with slots’ inherent randomness for electrifying excitement.

Finally, Odin’s Valhalla bonus recreates the legendary hall’s shifting mortal battles. As winning symbols disappear and new ones take their place, unexpected new combinations form dynamically. The increasing multipliers up to 5x also stack rewards rapidly. Odin’s bonus captures his role as a wise and strategic leader through these evolving wins.

By theming bonuses around specific Norse gods, Asgard translates narrative and personality into interactive gameplay mechanics. Each free spins mode tells a mini-story through its variable enhancements, tying the worldbuilding together with engaging slot features.


Asgard demonstrates how an online slot with familiar mechanics can become a thrilling and imaginative experience through immersion in a fully realized theme. All components, from the Nordic visuals to the gods-inspired bonuses, work in unison to bring the mythical realm of Asgard to vivid life.

Yet the care given to the Norse setting extends beyond just skin-deep aesthetic. The incorporated legends fundamentally motivate the gameplay. Aligning symbols and activating features plays out like gathering legendary artifacts and battling beasts as an aspiring hero. The core act of spinning the reels reflects the quest to prove oneself worthy of joining the pantheon in Valhalla.

Even in the mathematical randomness of slot outcomes, Asgard instills meaning and personality. Luck and skill combine to not just form winning combinations but also to honor the gods through victory in adventure. The rich theme transforms slot play into an epic journey.

Written by: Vlad Hvalov