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Enter the lair of Robin Hood and his Merry Men for a rewarding quest in Sherwood Gold, the new medieval folklore online slot from Play’n GO featuring stunning graphics of Sherwood Forest and gameplay loaded with winning potential through features like free spins, multipliers, instant money bags, and interactive archery games.

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Sherwood Gold Slot Review

The legendary tales of Robin Hood have captivated audiences for centuries. This heroic outlaw who stole from the rich to give to the poor has been the subject of ballads, books, movies, and more. Now, Play’n GO brings the medieval legend to life in an epic online slot – Sherwood Gold. Join the mission to win back the stolen taxes of the people in this deep, atmospheric game.

Sherwood Gold brings the classic Robin Hood folklore to the reels, putting a fresh spin on the beloved medieval story. The game imagines an adventure where Robin and his band of Merry Men undertake a daring heist to rob the greedy Sheriff and return money to the poor townsfolk.

Players are transported back to medieval England, deep in the verdant Greenwood forest where Robin Hood and his comrades plotted their righteous crusade against tyranny and injustice. The theme is vividly brought to life through stunning artwork and immersive gameplay features that draw you into Robin’s secret lair.

Sherwood Gold slot logo

As the game unfolds, you’ll help Robin and his crew pull off a cunning robbery under the cover of night. Avoid detection, overcome obstacles, and crack open coffers of coins to achieve your mission and claim the Sheriff’s ill-gotten wealth for the people. Sherwood Gold encapsulates this heroic adventure allowing you to live out the dangerous but noble quest.

Atmosphere of Mystery and Reward

From the moment you enter Sherwood Gold, the atmosphere is palpable. Play’n GO masterfully created an enthralling ambience that transports you to the tranquil tree-lined realm of Robin Hood.

Vivid graphics recreate the lush English forest, dotted with cottages and castles straight out of a storybook. Little beams of sunlight pierce through the emerald green canopies, hinting at the hidden riches within the woods. An uplifting medieval soundtrack with chirping birds and soothing strings fills the air. You can almost smell the dewy grass and feel the cool forest air as you venture deeper into the greenwood.

Yet underneath the verdant exterior lies the promise of hazard and reward. As Robin and his Merry Men gear up to ambush the Sheriff, tension builds. Will they pull off the heist undetected? The characters are rendered in sharp detail, poised with bows drawn signaling the risks ahead. Special features like target shooting inject interactive excitement.

As the reels spin, clinking coins and fanfare reward successful spins and feats, juxtaposed against mellow nature sounds. Sherwood Gold contrasts the tranquility of the forest with the danger and fortune that await inside it for both the brave heroes and determined players.

Review of Graphics and Sound

Sherwood Gold incorporates top-tier graphics and audio design to immerse players in the medieval folklore. Soaring castles, ornate treasure chests, and verdant forests are rendered in beautiful high definition. Characters from the classic tale come to life through smooth animations as symbols land on the reels.

Robin Hood dynamically fires off arrows while Little John brandishes his sturdy staff. Maid Marian sits atop her noble steed and wise Friar Tuck rests against a barrel of ale. Even the Royals are embellished for the theme. Jesters and squires inhabit the lower value symbols.

Vivid interactive elements like the Archery Game keep the action engaging as players shoot arrows at targets for hidden prizes. Crisp animations, detailed symbols, and an evocative backdrop work in unison to transport players to Sherwood Forest right alongside Robin and his Merry Men.

The audio equally engages the senses with woodland sounds like rustling leaves, bubbling streams, and chirping birds. Triumphant medieval melodies with lutes and strings amp up the action during winning spins and features. Echoing organ notes raise tension leading up to the heist. Together with the visual artistry, the sound effects infuse the gameplay with immersion and energy befitting this legendary tale.

Sherwood Gold incorporates a classic slot layout mixed with special features and modifiers.

Review of Layout

Sherwood Gold incorporates a classic slot layout mixed with special features and modifiers. At its core is a 5 x 3 grid with 20 fixed paylines. The high value symbols are the Merry Men characters while glittering Royals fill out the low end. Winning combinations need 3+ matching symbols on adjacent reels starting from the left.

While the base structure adheres to popular slot design, Sherwood Gold infuses it with innovative features. Arrow and Money Bag scatters activate bonus games and free spins with boosted prizes. An Archery Game is integrated seamlessly into the theme allowing you to shoot for prizes like a real outlaw.

Rather than complicate a proven formula, Play’n GO wisely focused on enhancing the standard setup through features that keep gameplay dynamic yet easy to grasp. Familiar paylines and valuable special symbols provide consistent rewards as players traverse the reels alongside Robin and his band.

Rules and Gameplay

Sherwood Gold incorporates traditional rules of slot gameplay while adding special features and bonuses. At its core, the mechanics adhere to typical video slot standards.

Symbols and Paytable

The lower value royalty symbols offer modest payouts from 0.2x to 0.65x your bet for 3 to 5 matching symbols. The higher symbols depict Robin’s comrades at arms – Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, and Robin himself. These characters award larger wins, up to 7.5x your stake for 5 of a kind.

The Sherwood Gold logo represents the Wild which substitutes for all regular icons except Scatters to complete winning combinations. Five Wilds along a payline result in a 25x your bet payout.

Two Scatters activate the bonus features:

  • Money Bags – Pay instant cash prizes for 3 to 9 symbols. The more symbols, the bigger the prize up to 2000x your bet.
  • Arrows – 3+ Arrows trigger free spins and the Archery Game where hidden prizes can be won by shooting targets.

Sherwood Gold incorporates classic real money slot rules while packing in bonus games and modifiers to boost rewards. Familiar symbols offer dependable wins while special features add layers of excitement, interaction, and big win potential.

Bonuses and Special Features

Sherwood Gold may follow standard rules but its bonus features add numerous ways to win. The slot contains three main features that can significantly multiply earnings.

Cash Bag Instant Prizes

In both the base game and free spins, Money Bag scatters that appear anywhere on the reels pay instant cash prizes. The more you hit, the higher the reward:

  • 3 Bags – 1x your bet
  • 4 Bags – 5x your bet
  • 5 Bags – 20x your bet
  • 6 Bags – 80x your bet
  • 7 Bags – 200x your bet
  • 8 Bags – 800x your bet
  • 9 Bags – 2000x your bet

These instant wins create frequent small bursts of cash that consistently boost your bankroll as you play. Even just a few Bags deliver a quick return versus waiting solely for payline wins.

You can enjoy Sherwood Gold for free here at Our vast catalog allows you to play hundreds of real money slots in demo mode, including Sherwood Gold. Test the waters of Robin Hood’s adventures and play Sherwood Gold free play to learn the bonus features and evaluate the gameplay and variance before playing for real. With robust free spin potential and instant money bags, the demo slot is full of chances to win big without any risk.

Thrilling Archery Game Bonus

Landing 3 or more Arrow scatters activates Sherwood Gold’s most interactive feature – the Archery Game bonus. Based on the number of Arrows you hit, you’ll get to shoot matching arrows at a target grid of hidden prizes.

Every successful bullseye reveals a bonus that can include:

  • Extra free spins
  • Multipliers up to 10x
  • Money Bag value boosters up to 5x

This Archery Game adds an engaging skill element to the slot. You feel like Robin Hood shooting arrows to unlock rewards that empower the upcoming free spins. Hitting multipliers is key as they provide the biggest potential wins by boosting all payline values.

Lucrative Free Spins

After the Archery Game bonus concludes, your earned free spins will play out with any unlocked multipliers or Money Bag boosters applied. You can also win additional spins during the feature by hitting more Arrow scatters.

Free spins in Sherwood Gold are highly lucrative. Combined with multiplier values up to 10x and Money Bag prizes boosted up to 5x, huge wins can quickly accumulate from the bonus. Even 10 free spins can lead to a massive payout with optimized multipliers, making this one of the most rewarding features.

With three engaging features that can significantly increase rewards through instant prizes, multipliers, and additional spins, Sherwood Gold adds layers of excitement and numerous winning possibilities to every session.

Play Sherwood Gold on Mobile

Sherwood Gold is optimized for mobile play on iOS and Android devices in addition to desktop. You can join Robin Hood’s band in stunning high definition graphics whether playing on your smartphone or tablet.

The intuitive interface easily translates to smaller touchscreens without sacrificing visual quality. Swipe the reels seamlessly and tap icons and special features optimized for finger pads.

With no app download required, simply access Sherwood Gold at online casinos right through your mobile browser. Whether at home or on the go, mobile play allows you to dive into Sherwood Forest’s rewarding adventures anytime, anywhere.


For avid slot enthusiasts and casual players alike, Sherwood Gold is a superb choice for exciting gameplay and big win potential. Play’n GO vividly brought the classic Robin Hood legend to life through creative features and an atmospheric medieval setting.

Lush graphics and woodland sounds transport you deep into Sherwood Forest alongside Robin and his Merry Men as they take down the greedy Sheriff. Lucrative Money Bag instant prizes, an exhilarating Archery Game, and rewarding free spins add multiple avenues to win big.

While Sherwood Gold offers a familiar grid and symbols, the special bonuses and immersive theme provide an enriching, interactive experience for all player types. Take aim at epic adventures and payouts in Sherwood Gold today!


Can you hit and rob the Sheriff within the game?

Unfortunately, the Sheriff does not appear as a symbol or feature in the game. Although the backstory involves robbing him, players don’t get the satisfaction of landing a hit on the corrupt lawman directly.

What happens if you miss all the targets in the Archery Game?

Even if you miss every target, you’ll still play out the free spins round, just without any added bonuses like extra spins or multipliers.

Can you actually control Robin to move around the forest?

Unfortunately, Robin Hood does not actually move or traverse the greenwood forest shown in the background. Gameplay is limited just to spinning the reels.

Does Maid Marian have a choice of gowns to wear?

Marian appears wearing only one flowing medieval-style gown. She does not have any wardrobe changes or alternate outfits in the game imagery.

Could Robin Hood have been a real person in some form?

Possibly, but unverifiable. ‘Robin Hood’ may have been an archetype inspired by one or more historical outlaws of the era.

Written by: Vlad Hvalov