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Lost Relics 2 Slot Review

Lost Relics 2 is an exciting online video slot from leading game developer NetEnt. This immersive game transports players to a lush jungle setting as they join an intrepid explorer seeking hidden treasures. With stunning graphics, atmospheric sound effects and engaging gameplay features, Lost Relics 2 promises a thrilling experience for slot enthusiasts. This comprehensive review will examine all aspects of this game, from its visual presentation to bonus features. For players eager to try Lost Relics 2 themselves, free play demos are available right here on this site.

Lost Relics 2 Slot Logo

Game Atmosphere

Lost Relics 2 is set deep in an ancient jungle temple, with crumbling stone architecture covered in vines and foliage. The 6×6 game screen is framed by vivid greenery and ancient carvings. The background depicts a weathered temple façade leading into shadowy depths. Stone tiles on the play grid show elaborate symbols and decorations echoing Mayan or Aztec stylistic motifs. The overall atmosphere feels mysteriously ancient, drawing players into an Indiana Jones style adventure.

The appearance of the Lost Relics 2 slot machine during the game.

Sound Effects

The game features an atmospheric soundtrack with ambient jungle sounds like bird calls and dripping water, along with mystical instrumental music. Rolling drums and delicate chimes enhance sensations of exploring ancient secrets and heightening anticipation. Winning spins prompt emphatic sounds like rushing wind, and uncovering treasure chests elicits tinkling tones followed by echoing thuds as they open. The sounds contribute greatly to the immersive, cinematic feel.


Visually Lost Relics 2 impresses with its 3D graphics and smoothly animated elements. The play grid has a realistic weathered texture, while vivid colors on the symbols pop against the grey stone. Elements like leaves and vines that move gently in a virtual breeze make the world feel alive. Detailed symbols like engraved gold and jeweled masks showcase NetEnt’s graphical expertise. Lighting shifts from sunny brightness to torch-lit mystery, complementing the mood. Crisp visuals entice players into the trek for treasures.

Gameplay features of Lost Relics 2

Grid and Symbols

The game action takes place on a 6×6 grid of square tiles framed by jungle scenery. The objective is to form symbol clusters – by getting 5 or more matching symbols adjacent horizontally or vertically. This grid format allows for varied symbol patterns and prizes.

The lower value symbols are classic playing cards suits with an Aztec-inspired aesthetic, including engraved clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. The four higher value symbols are elaborately decorated masks in jade, turquoise, gold and crimson hues. Mask clusters award the biggest line payouts.

The main character of Lost Relics 2 slot.

Wild Symbols

The game features W wild symbols which can substitute for any standard symbol to help complete winning combinations. Wilds are uncovered from special treasure chests during gameplay, making their appearances extra exciting.

Scatter Symbols

Lost Relics 2 also includes a Scatter symbol, depicted by a shining golden sun face. Scatters can appear anywhere on the grid and 3 or more award 10 free spins.

Cascading Wins

The game generates cascading wins when any clusters are formed. The symbols in winning clusters explode away, letting symbols cascade down to fill the empty spots. This can create new winning lines for more cascades. Cascades continue until no more new wins are possible.

Block Tiles

The 6×6 grid is overlaid with stone block tiles obscuring parts of the symbol grid beneath. These blocks remain on screen between spins. Forming symbol clusters smashes the blocks in those winning positions, gradually revealing more of the grid.

Treasure Chests

Hidden beneath certain grid spaces are valuable treasure chests. As symbol wins smash more block tiles, they can partially or fully uncover hidden chests. Whenever players fully reveal a chest, exciting bonus prizes and features are awarded.

Bonus Features of Lost Relics 2

Win 10 free spins at the Lost Relics 2 slot machine game.

Treasure Chests

Treasure chests are a key bonus feature as they award generous rewards. In the main game there is always 1 chest present, while the free spins round includes up to 4 chests on the grid. Chests appear in 3 sizes – Silver, Gold and Amethyst – with larger chests containing bigger and better prizes. Fully uncovering any sized chest guarantees players will win one of the following bonus events:

Multiplier – A 2x to 7x multiplier will be applied to all symbol cluster wins for that spin.

Random Wilds – Up to 7 wild symbols are randomly placed on the grid to boost winning potential.

Instant Cash Prize – Awarded instantly, ranging from 2x to huge 250x the total bet size.

Free Spins – 10 free spins are instantly awarded when players uncover this chest prize.

Level Up (free spins only) – Boosts the grid to an 8×8 or 10×10 format for even more ways to win.

Additionally during free spins, chests may contain extra free spins as another potential prize. After revealing a chest and collecting its prize, the uncovered grid spaces reset for continued treasure hunting.

Free Spins

The Lost Relics 2 free spins round provides enduring excitement. Free spins are activated by either uncovering them in a chest, or getting 3+ scatters anywhere on the grid.

To begin, 10 free spins are awarded. For the duration of free spins, any wild or scatter symbols uncovered from chests remain locked in place for the remaining spins, increasing winning potential. If players reveal a Level Up prize, the grid expands to an 8×8 or 10×10 format with even more positions to smash blocks and access treasure chests.

Three or more scatters appearing during free spins will award an additional 5 spins. With up to 4 chests available on an expanded 10×10 grid, the free spins round can lead to some monumental wins.

Maximum Win Potential

The maximum possible win in Lost Relics 2 is a huge 21,248x the total bet amount. This immense potential is achieved through optimized play in the free spins feature. Having multiple treasure chests on an expanded 10×10 grid allows huge symbol cluster wins. Multiplier and wild chest bonuses further boost payouts to unprecedented levels for intensely exciting wins.

Appearing at a very big win in Lost Relics 2.

Lost Relics 2 Free Play Mode

Players who want to experience Lost Relics 2’s jungle adventure can try the game for free right here. This website offers free play demos with unlimited credits and no registration needed. Playing the Lost Relics 2 free demo is the ideal way to freely explore its features and atmosphere without risking any funds. Players can enjoy the excitement of uncovering chests and spinning free games to their heart’s content. Be sure to try the Lost Relics 2 free play mode now and embark on thrilling journeys through ancient ruins from the comfort of home.

Similar Slot Games

One of the symbols of Lost Relics 2 slot machine is the yellow stone mask.

Lost Relics

As a sequel to the original Lost Relics game, this slot shares key features but adds exciting enhancements. Both games feature jungle adventure themes and block tile grids hiding treasure chest bonuses. The original has a 5×5 format however, with lower maximum wins. Lost Relics 2 expands the grid and boosts the potential wins dramatically. Both offer free spins and hidden chests, but only Lost Relics 2 has grid expansion, locked wilds and mega multipliers during the bonus round. For players who enjoyed the first Lost Relics, the sequel takes the rewards and excitement to the next level.

Rise of Maya

Rise of Maya from Play’n Go also utilizes a block tile grid and Aztec theme. It includes cascading wins and a free spins feature with expanding reels for up to 117,649 ways to win. However, Rise of Maya lacks the hidden treasure chest bonus game which makes Lost Relics 2 more interactive and unpredictable. With its Indiana Jones style explorer uncovering hidden riches, Lost Relics 2 creates more player agency and engagement. Rise of Maya offers impressive visuals but Lost Relics 2 provides a more varied and hands-on experience.

Green Stone Mask is one of Lost Relics 2 slot symbols.
Red Stone Mask is one of Lost Relics 2 Slot symbols.

Legacy of the Tiger

This Microgaming slot also depicts an adventurer in a jungle ruins setting. It uses a 5×3 reel format however, with cluster pays but no grid tile format. One unique feature is its pointer symbol which reveals extra overlay symbols to create more winning combos. Legacy of the Tiger provides free spins with unlimited multipliers, but no bonus chest feature. Lost Relics has higher maximum wins thanks to its expanded grid and hidden chest rewards. So for players seeking bigger thrills and rewards, Lost Relics 2 takes the adventuring concept further.


From its cinematic visuals to immersive sound effects, Lost Relics 2 provides an incredible journey into ancient treasure hunting. Its grid format and cascading wins creates dynamic action, while the hidden chests offer surprises and rewards. Unlocking new grid sizes and accumulating multipliers during free spins leads to monumental win potential. This highly entertaining and innovative game takes slots gaming to new levels of excitement and reward possibilities.

Players seeking adventure, mystery and discovery should absolutely experience Lost Relics 2 for themselves. Don’t miss the chance to play free and explore ancient ruins from home. With frequent new games and vast selection, this website provides everything needed to enjoy free play demos of the best online slots, including the highly engrossing new classic, Lost Relics 2.