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Moon Princess Power of Love slot by Play’n GO casts a whimsical spell with its anime graphics and magical fantasy theme. As you spin its 5×5 tumbling reels, signature Moon Princess characters like Love, Blaze and Hail activate bonuses and features amidst a glittering cascade of wins.

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Moon Princess Power of Love Slot Review

Moon Princess Power of Love presents the latest addition to Play’n GO’s popular Moon Princess online slot series. The game retains the core cascading reels gameplay found in previous franchise titles but integrates new features and characters.

Gameplay occurs within an anime-inspired realm of magic and romance. Vibrant graphics and sounds create an immersive fantasy setting. Two new prince characters join the original Moon Princess to form a central love triangle.

The 5×5 reel format differs from traditional slot paylines. Winning symbol clusters trigger cascades, with symbols disappearing and new ones dropping into place. This tumbling format heightens engagement through consecutive chain reaction wins.

Volatility remains high with the 96.2% RTP balancing risk and reward. Maximum wins reach 15,000x the bet amount, providing incentive for high wagering. Lower value symbols offer minor consolation prizes while premium characters unlock major payouts.

Moon Princess Power of Love
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Theme & Setting

Moon Princess Power of Love utilizes vibrant graphics and sound to fully engage players in an immersive fantasy setting. Anime-inspired aesthetics bring the reels to life with stunning visual and auditory details.

Pastel skies and shining castles create a peaceful, mystical backdrop. Intricate symbols tumble across the reels, revealing new surprises with each spin. The playful color palette complements the serene dreamlike atmosphere.

Moon Princess Power of Love Casinos

Quick informations

Central characters further develop the narrative theme. Signature Moon Princess characters including Love prominently feature. Two new prince characters also join, injecting added charm and romance. Their hovering presence beside the reels draws players into the fantasy scenario.

These prominent characters intrinsically link to the game’s mechanics, with their unique powers directly impacting spins. Their integral involvement serves to immerse players in the overarching story and fantasy setting.

Vibrant graphics synergize with charming sound effects for multi-sensory appeal. Soothing chimes and twinkling tones reinforce the glittering fantastical realm. This multimedia approach fully transports enthusiasts into the immersive world.

Moon Princess Power of Love
Moon Princess Power of Love

Reel Layout

Moon Princess Power of Love utilizes an engaging 5×5 reel format rather than traditional paylines. This provides a distinctive cascading wins mechanism that ramps up the excitement.

Wins are formed by landing clusters of 3 or more matching symbols horizontally or vertically anywhere on the grid. Each tumbling win triggers a cascade – symbols from winning combinations disappear, causing above symbols to tumble down while new ones drop into the vacant spots.

This tumble format leads to highly satisfying chain reactions when multiple consecutive wins strike. Symbols explode in colorful bursts as new winners fall into place, often triggering more wins. Big rewards can come as these chain reactions extend, building up the win multiplier with each successive cascade.

Unlike standard slot paylines, the fact wins are formed by symbol clusters means that hitting a big win doesn’t just depend on how icons line up. In Moon Princess Power of Love, wins erupt with clusters of matching symbols landing anywhere. This provides more variability and ways for players to hit elusive big wins.

The 5×5 grid gives ample space for symbols to create high-value clusters horizontally and vertically. Having symbols enter from above also increases the odds of forming clusters compared to standard slots where new symbols only appear on the far left.

In addition to chaining together exciting wins, the tumble format also contributes to Moon Princess Power of Love’s variance and engagement. Since winning symbols are removed after each reaction, the potential for forming new winners is constantly changing. This inherent variability within the cascades keeps the gameplay dynamic, as the odds rapidly shift with each tumble.

Ultimately, the 5×5 tumbling format is integral to Moon Princess Power of Love’s appeal. The cascading cluster wins create an energetic ebb and flow, where fortunes shift with every reaction. Compared to static payline slots, each spin brings new possibilities to cluster multiple wins together for greater rewards.

Volatility & RTP

Beneath its glossy exterior, Moon Princess Power of Love incorporates a volatile math model that generates thrilling potential while maintaining healthy returns. The game has an RTP (return to player) of 96.2%.

This means for every $100 wagered by players collectively across all spins, $96.20 is paid back on average over extended play. It provides a balanced experience where players receive solid rewards while the house maintains its necessary edge.

In addition to the 96.2% RTP, Moon Princess Power of Love exhibits high volatility. Volatility refers to how frequently wins occur and their potential size. Higher volatility slots like Moon Princess Power of Love have a lower overall hit rate but the wins that do hit are larger on average.

You may spin through several dead spins before a big tumble cascade suddenly explodes for a sizable reward. While you may wait longer between wins compared to a lower volatility slot, those wins are disproportionately bigger, creating major excitement.

The upside of higher volatility slots is their capacity for producing giant wins compared to their highly frequent but lower paying low volatility counterparts. High volatility plus an RTP over 96% is a potent combination here, delivering big reward potential while keeping play balanced.

Maximum Win

One major allure of high volatility slots is their capacity for producing life-changing mega wins compared to lower variance games. Moon Princess Power of Love stays true to its volatile nature by providing a mouthwatering maximum win of up to 15,000x the player’s bet amount.

This means bets of just $0.20 could result in a staggering $3000 windfall from a single spin. Even average bets of $1 have the potential to unlock the game’s top prize of $15,000. Just the thrill of knowing such enormous rewards are possible adds major anticipation to every spin.

Naturally, wins of that magnitude are rare, but Moon Princess Power of Love’s tumbling format increases their feasibility. One lucky cascade could continue chain reacting until the entire grid is cleared, multiplying the colossal prizes.

While the huge 15,000x max win is the crown jewel, Moon Princess Power of Love offers ample smaller jackpots as well. Major wins of 50x to 500x bets regularly strike for thrilling payouts that fuel continued play. This healthy mix of frequent medium wins and rare mega jackpots keeps volatility high while rewarding players.

For slot fans craving the life-changing possibilities that high variance slots provide, Moon Princess Power of Love more than delivers. Any spin could unleash a breathtaking rain of rewards – an ever-present possibility that keeps the heart racing.

Symbol Values

Like all great slots, the symbols of Moon Princess Power of Love directly impact volatility and rewards through their assigned values. Higher paying symbols naturally unlock bigger wins, with the lower royalty symbols offering smaller consolation prizes.

Moon Princess Power of Love
Moon Princess Power of Love

The game features a mix of higher and lower value symbols. Gleaming jeweled chalices, prestigious crowns, and ornate rings make up the four lower value symbols. They carry a classic royal theme while remaining easily distinguishable for fast gameplay.

Landing three or more lower value symbols in a cluster provides a payout of 1.5x the bet amount. This gives players many chances to gain back smaller amounts or build momentum early in a play session.

However, the real prizes lie with the higher paying princess and prince character symbols. These are integral to the theme and gameplay, appearing more frequently to grant wins of 3x for a cluster of five matching characters.

Of course, the most valuable symbol is the wild. Wilds substitute for all other symbols when forming wins, helping complete more winning cascades. Five wild symbols in a cluster deliver the game’s standard maximum symbol win of 10x the player’s bet.

In addition to their regular payouts, specific character symbols like Love or Blaze interact with game features. Building clusters of these characters is key to activating events like free spins or the Love Triangle bonus.

By combining a range of frequent lower pays and rarer big wins, the value disparity between symbols contributes heavily to Moon Princess Power of Love’s rewarding volatility. Players always have a shot at a big cascade while smaller wins help maintain balance.

Special Features

While its base gameplay is compelling enough, Moon Princess Power of Love incorporates several special features that provide extra thrills by enhancing wins. These elements add surprise and variety to the standard cascading reels while increasing reward potential.

One highlight is the trio of unique Character Powers. On any non-winning spin, one of the three hovering princess or prince characters may randomly trigger their special ability. This immediately shakes up the reels, producing new winning potential.

If Love activates, she transforms a random set of four symbols into one of the other symbol types. This rapidly shifts the odds of forming a match where none existed before.

When Blaze triggers his power, he adds between 2 to 4 of a matching symbol onto the grid that’s already present. Having 4+ new matching symbols significantly increases clusters forming for a win.

Finally, if Hail appears, he selects one reel and replicates it in an adjacent reel. Copying an existing reel magnifies the odds of lining up 3+ of a kind across the duplicated reels.

In each case, these powers introduce new symbols just when it seemed like a dead spin, giving players a second shot at a big cascade. This adds major anticipation – anytime it seems a spin will miss, a character power can suddenly change the tides.

Adding to the fun is that the powers activate randomly. Players have no control or predictability over which characters will trigger their abilities or when. This makes every non-winning spin an exciting unknown until the reels come to rest.

Beyond just spicing up gameplay with random surprises, the character powers increase Moon Princess Power of Love’s winning potential. Their abilities explicitly help form clusters and lines of matches that may not have occurred otherwise. By enhancing the formation of symbol matches, the powers boost players’ chances of big wins.

Just when it seems the reels may land without a match, these powers provide heart-pumping last-second chances for major cascades. Their role amplifying wins combined with their random activation makes Moon Princess Power of Love even more engaging and rewarding.

Free Spins Details

No modern slot would be complete without a thrilling free spins bonus round. Moon Princess Power of Love incorporates not just base free spins but also an exciting Love Triangle feature that can trigger expanded free spins for white-hot rewards.

To activate the Love Triangle, players need to fill its power meter located beside the reels. This is achieved by landing clusters containing 3, 4, or 5 princess/prince character symbols.

Different sized clusters fill 1, 2, or 3 power meter sections respectively. Once the meter is full with 3 sections lit, the Love Triangle bonus begins.

Love Triangle provides one free spin with all three characters activating their special powers together. If no wins strike after their combined effects, it often triggers anyway thanks to the reel modifications.

This single free spin lets players enjoy the trio of powers in tandem, showcasing the characters together. Any wins also carry over the multiplier from the round triggering the feature.

However, the real reward comes if players can completely clear the grid of all symbols during the Love Triangle spin. Doing so unlocks an expanded free spins bonus round.

Here players choose either Blaze or Hail to accompany Love for 4 total free spins. Their chosen character activates on every non-winning spin alongside Love’s power. This dramatically improves the odds of cascades continuing the bonus.

Most importantly, additional free spins can be earned by filling the power meter again. Each meter fill grants 3 more free spins. With up to 100 free spins possible, these retriggers can lead to epic rewards as multipliers and features stack.

Between the trio of powers activating together, potential retriggers, and major pay potential, the Love Triangle free spins offers sizzling excitement. The feature provides a fantastic outlet for Moon Princess Power of Love’s cascading wins and multipliers to reach their full potential.

Analysis & Comparisons

Moon Princess Power of Love masterfully blends proven winning formulas with fresh innovations to deliver a new but familiar experience. Its core tumbling reels format has featured in multiple Moon Princess titles, attracting fans who enjoy the engaging gameplay.

This new entry retains the essential identity and variance of a Moon Princess slot while modifying elements like the characters and free spin mechanics. The inclusion of Blaze and Hail shakes up the character roster while still feeling tied to the theme.

Replacing the usual three free spin options with one focused choice allows players to enjoy the rewards sooner. At the same time, the retrigger mechanic maintains the potential for extended play.

Fans of the series will recognize and appreciate these thoughtful evolutions that provide just enough newness without losing the original appeal. Moon Princess Power of Love shows how developers can innovate within a successful formula to satisfy loyal fans.

Comparatively, Moon Princess Power of Love brings more excitement and flexibility than the original Moon Princess but less complexity than the feature-packed Moon Princess 2. Its volatility and max wins surpass most competitors like Twilight Princess, providing advantage for high stakes players.

Ultimately, Moon Princess Power of Love hits the sweet spot between familiarity and novelty, evolution and nostalgia. It retains enough of the series’ soul to appeal to Moon Princess enthusiasts while charting its own course. This smart balance should delight fans and newcomers alike.


With Moon Princess Power of Love, Play’n GO has once again demonstrated their ability to blend mesmerizing style with captivating substance. The game’s anime-inspired realm brims with magic and personality while rewarding players with exciting wins.

Smooth 5×5 cascading reels gameplay creates thrilling chain reactions and cluster pay potential. Random character powers add surprise and variety while the free spins take rewards to the next level. A volatile math model keeps play balanced and unpredictable while offering life-changing maximum wins.

Moon Princess Power of Love masterfully expands the enchanting Moon Princess universe with new characters and features that complement franchise favorites. This royal treatment delivers everything slot fans love – fantastic aesthetics, engaging mechanics, and major win possibilities.

Players who have enjoyed previous Moon Princess adventures will be drawn into this new journey’s magical allure. At the same time, this title provides an appealing entry point for newcomers to discover theseries’ unique charm.

With Moon Princess Power of Love, Play’n GO continues demonstrating their expertise crafting slots that don’t just look stunning but also play beautifully. This glittering addition is ready to delight a new generation of slot fans and franchise devotees alike.

Written by: Vlad Hvalov