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Bali Dragon is a 5-reel video slot from Pragmatic Play with a Balinese theme focused around dragon mythology. It offers simple gameplay with no bonus features beyond a scatter symbol, yet provides huge payout potential up to 5,000x the stake. With medium-high volatility and RTP of 96.50%, Bali Dragon delivers straightforward spinning action for fans of exotic themes and big payouts.

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Bali Dragon Slot Review

Bali Dragon is a 5-reel, 3-row online video slot from Pragmatic Play. Inspired by the mythical dragon Barong from Balinese culture, this slot aims to bring an exotic theme to players while offering sizable payouts of up to 5,000x the stake. With its simple gameplay focused on landing symbol combinations, Bali Dragon caters to players looking for straightforward spinning action.

The setting depicts an ancient Balinese temple with a large stone dragon statue in the background. The high-paying symbols include this Bali Dragon mask along with temples, volcanoes, and precious gems. The overall art style provides an immersive experience, transporting players into the mystical world of the Barong legend. The animations and sound effects also match this theme well.

Volatility & RTP

Bali Dragon has medium to high volatility, meaning payouts don’t come around too frequently but can be sizable when they do hit. This is evidenced by the maximum payout of 5,000x the stake. The return-to-player (RTP) percentage is 96.50%, which is higher than average and gives players a good chance to recoup their money over many spins.

Min & Max Bets & Top Wins in Bali Dragon

With its flexible betting system, Bali Dragon accommodates varying bankrolls. Players can wager between $0.05 and $100 per spin. The top fixed jackpot is 1,000x for lining up five Bali Dragon mask symbols, equating to a max payout of $50,000 on the highest bet.

Slot Layout & Symbol Values

Bali Dragon features a standard 5×3 slot grid with just five fixed paylines. Despite the limited lines and reels, players can still hit wins of up to 5,000x their bet thanks to the generous payouts attached to symbol combinations. The Bali Dragon mask symbol offers the largest payout of 1,000x for a five-of-a-kind win. The temple and stone archway symbols return 200x the stake for five in a row. Lower-value gems offer payouts between 10x and 40x.

Special Features in Bali Dragon

Free Spins Details

Unfortunately, Bali Dragon does not include a free spins round. With its focus purely on landing winning combinations, this slot foregoes the popular free spins bonuses found in most modern video slots. Players hoping for bonus rounds may be disappointed by the lack of features beyond the base game in Bali Dragon.

Other Special Features

The only special symbol is the golden crown scatter, shown with the word “Bonus.” Three or more scatters landed anywhere on the grid will provide payouts of 10x, 50x or 250x the total wager. Beyond this, Bali Dragon does not incorporate multipliers, wilds, or other bonus features.

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Analysis & Comparisons of Bali Dragon

What makes Bali Dragon great

For players seeking straightforward slots action, Bali Dragon checks many of the boxes. The generous top payout of 5,000x paired with medium-high volatility provides big win potential. An RTP of 96.50% is also above average. Visually, Bali Dragon stands out with immersive graphics and smooth animations transporting you to an exotic temple setting. The overall presentation and sizable payouts make for an exciting experience.

Compare to other similar slots

Many slots from Pragmatic Play and other providers include more bonus features like free spins, wilds, and bonus games. However, for players focused purely on landing symbol payouts without feature distractions, Bali Dragon delivers. Its big win potential combined with the exotic theme creates an overall enjoyable and potentially lucrative experience.

Pros and Cons


  • Huge maximum payout of 5,000x bet
  • Above average RTP of 96.50%
  • Visually impressive graphics and animations
  • Exciting dragon theme based on Balinese mythology
  • Flexible betting from $0.05 to $100


  • No free spins, wilds, or bonus rounds
  • Just 5 paylines limits win combinations
  • Medium-high volatility means inconsistent payouts

Spin Bali Dragon for Free

On Pragmatic Play’s official slot website, players can access a demo version of Bali Dragon to try out the gameplay mechanics without real money wagers. Playing the free slot is highly recommended for those interested in experiencing the exotic island theme without financial risk.

Spinning the Bali Dragon demo provides multiple benefits. Players can familiarize themselves with the basic rules and intricacies of forming winning symbol combinations across the 5 paying lines. You can also get a feel for the medium-high volatility and how frequently it pays out small and large prizes. By getting to know the gameplay nuances risk-free, you will be better prepared when switching to real money bets.

Furthermore, the immersive visuals and animations are fully integrated into the free version, allowing you to try out the special effects that set this slot apart. Audiences who appreciate Bali’s unique culture will enjoy the detailed art style depicting an ancient temple with an imposing dragon statue. Background animations, ambient sounds, and Balinese music create an authentic atmosphere around the free spins.

While the demo necessarily limits the thrill of risking your own cash, it serves as an effective trial run to gauge entertainment value and chances of success with real wagers. And you’ll still get a taste of the dragon’s vast payout potential through simulated wins of up to 5,000x your bet.

Mobile Gameplay

Bali Dragon is optimized for mobile play across iOS and Android devices. Players can enjoy the exotic theme and temple background while spinning on smartphones or tablets. The game interface adapts well to compact screens through crisp graphics and easily visible gameplay elements. Everything from placing bets to monitoring wins and slot settings translates smoothly cross-platform. With no lag or performance issues, Bali Dragon offers an engaging experience for on-the-go slot fans.

Responsible Gambling

Playing slots involves random outcomes and entertainment value, not financial gains. Before playing, determine a set budget based on what you can afford to lose and avoid chasing losses. Take frequent breaks and monitor your overall time spent gambling. Keep winnings separate and recognize when to walk away. If problems arise, contact local support services.

Beyond the Game

Exploring Balinese culture can greatly enhance appreciation of Bali Dragon. The mythical dragon Barong represents benevolence and protection. Understanding this symbolic creature from Hindu folklore found on the island provides deeper context around the slot theme. Beyond the game itself, take time to research the fascinating legends and rich artistic heritage of Bali. Ultimately, while light on bonus features, Bali Dragon brings excellent graphics and a taste of exotic culture to slot fans seeking a straightforward game focused on landing symbol payouts. With flexibility for all budgets and huge maximum wins reaching 5,000x the stake, players who enjoy classic spinning action over complex bonuses will find everything they need in Bali Dragon.


What is the theme and setting of the Bali Dragon slot machine?

The theme centers around Balinese mythology and dragon legends. The setting depicts an ancient temple backdrop with a large dragon statue, creating an immersive atmosphere. Symbols include masked dragons, volcanic landscapes, temples, precious gems, and traditional Balinese jewelry. The overall presentation aims to transport players into a mystical world inspired by Bali’s cultural legends.

What special features and bonuses does Bali Dragon offer?

Unfortunately Bali Dragon does not incorporate many special features beyond the base game. There are no free spins, wild symbols, multipliers or bonus games. The only extra element is a golden crown scatter symbol marked “Bonus” that pays out set amounts when landing 3, 4 or 5 on a spin. So those seeking slots with complex bonus rounds may be disappointed. However, for players focused purely on forming symbol combinations, the straightforward gameplay has appeal.

How can I play Bali Dragon slot for free and what are the advantages?

Pragmatic Play offers an unlimited demo version on their website, allowing you to play free Bali Dragon slots online. Spinning the game at no cost enables practicing gameplay strategies to better understand the landing combinations without financial risk. Trying the graphics and special effects beforehand also lets players experience the immersive backdrop and style that makes this slot stand apart. While free play limits the excitement and rewards of real bets, it serves as an effective no-obligation trial run.

What is the volatility level and RTP percentage for Bali Dragon?

Bali Dragon has a medium to high volatility level, meaning payouts don’t come around often necessarily, but can be sizable when they do hit. For RTP, it offers a very generous percentage of 96.50%. This means over hundreds of thousands of spins, 96.5% of money wagered will be paid back to players as winnings. Both these metrics make for potentially exciting gameplay.