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Biden's Flip-Flop On The Hyde Amendment Leaves Everyone Angry

Biden can't afford to be wishy-washy on women's reproductive rights. No one can.
Biden's Flip-Flop On The Hyde Amendment Leaves Everyone Angry

Sure anti-choice conservatives and especially Never Trumpers are 'disappointed' that Joe Biden changed his mind on The Hyde Amendment. They thought he was going to be Republican-lite and had already crowned him the moderate alternative to four more years of Trump.

Rachel called it two days ago:

Maddow 6/5: I think Vice President Biden's support for the Hyde Amendment "will not outlive the Democratic presidential primary."

(full video:

— Maddow Blog (@MaddowBlog) June 7, 2019

Here's the deal on The Hyde Amendment. It was a compromise.

The compromise was this: (1) Abortion is legal nationally and (2) Tax dollars won't pay for it.

Now that conservatives are at the threshold of destroying the first part of that compromise and WORSE...

Who’s running the office in charge of federal family planning? Anti-choice activists who are hellbent on cutting *off* access to medically-approved birth control. #ProtectX

— NARAL (@NARAL) June 7, 2019

...the second part goes in the trash.

And that is essentially Biden's reasoning as to why he changed his position:

NEWS: Biden says that in an environment where women's health is under assault especially in GOP-led states, he "can no longer support an amendment" that cuts off funding, as in Hyde

— Mike Memoli (@mikememoli) June 7, 2019

Good for you, Joe, except that now women don't trust you on reproductive rights because a flip flop is a flip flop.

Women in 2019 are through compromising with anyone about a fundamental right to decide when they give birth.

And unfortunately for Biden, there are plenty of other candidates who didn't need a process to get to where he is today.

Quote of the day from "A Shero and a Scholar", emphasis mine:

This lighting fast turn-around on the Hyde Amendment in only a day matches up with his entire career. Some are applauding Biden’s willingness to listen to the voters, calling it a sign of his personal evolution; but all it does is make me more skeptical with an issue that is too precarious to risk. With abortion rights under attack from Republicans and the impending threat to Roe, this newfound support for repealing Hyde is not good enough. I don’t trust someone who nearly gave away my right to choose in the 70’s. I also don’t trust a sudden change of heart on the subject when he was under so much pressure to reverse his position and his failure to do so would have stopped him dead in his tracks politically. I’m looking for representation who will fight for my reproductive rights that are currently under attack. This means a proven record-ensuring that my rights as a woman are protected are non-negotiable. I’m not looking for lip-service on an issue that is too precious and too vulnerable to risk. I applaud a candidate’s evolution on issues and realizing mistakes, but we have no room for error on this and we can’t afford the leeway. Biden’s history shows he is not a candidate capable of taking on this fight against members of our own party and members of the opposing party in the general election. We have many monumental fights on the horizon, which means we need a true champion to represent all of us.

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Of course, compared to the so-called president...

Remember as the Trump campaign criticizes Biden on the Hyde Amendment that Trump once changed his position on abortion 5 times in 3 days during the 2016 election:

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) June 7, 2019

Biden is the preferred choice to Donald Trump. He's just not the only choice. And he really screwed up his news cycle, again.

Just how abrupt/poorly orchestrated was Joe Biden’s shift on Hyde? Weds night, Biden campaign co-chair Cedric Richmond went on @CuomoPrimeTime to defend Biden’s support for the Hyde amendment. Less than 24 hours later, Biden reversed his position.

— Rebecca Buck (@RebeccaBuck) June 7, 2019

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