Swiftboat 2012: OpSec Attacks President Obama On Bin Laden

Today a 22-minute film will be released attacking President Obama over, of all things, Osama Bin Laden's killing. Like the SwiftBoat efforts of 2004 on John Kerry, the goal is to attack the President's strengths and turn them into weaknesses.

Chuck Todd Accuses Obama Campaign Of Swiftboating Romney

Here we go again. Earlier in the week we had Joe Klein repeating this nonsense. Now it was Chuck Todd filling in for Chris Matthews on his weekend show, making the claim that the Obama campaign is somehow “Swiftboating” Mitt Romney. TODD:

Mike's Blog Round Up

Bob Fertik: Did McCain get an alzheimers test? Talk Left: DNC protester warehouse described as "Gitmo On the Platte." Dennis Perrin: Masking Reali

Mike's Blog Roundup

Newshoggers: Swiftboating John Kerry was just fine with Rethuglicans and our craven press, but don't ask 'em why getting shot down in an airplane qual


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