The Difference Between Northam And Herring

The Difference Between Northam And Herring

The Wall Street Journal's @MaraGay: There’s an opportunity here to have real conversation apart from politics about how to take responsibility, about leadership, and about real forgiveness and the way that people take responsibility when they've made mistakes.

Noam Chomsky: The Responsibility Of Privilege

In this episode of Talk to Al Jazeera, Noam Chomsky sits down with Rosiland Jordan to talk about the two main tracks of his life: research and political activism. Chomsky emphasizes "The more privilege you have, the more opportunity you have.

The 47% Responds To Mitt Romney

From, Check out these brave people who’ve responded to Mitt Romney’s comment that 47% of Americans think of themselves as “victims” and will never “take responsibility for their lives.” This first video was submitted

Democratic National Committee Moves Its Money To Union-Run Bank

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced today in a press release that it has recently moved its primary banking relationship to Amalgamated Bank, America's Labor Bank. The DNC will use Amalgamated Bank's cash management services to handle its day-to-day banking needs.