June 13, 1979 - SALT And Somoza

News of the day for June 13, 1979 - Carter gets Senate repudiation over Rhodesian sanctions, SALT II Treaty signing preparations and criticism. Carter getting ready to leave for Vienna and first face-to-face with Leonid Brezhnev. Conference of Mayors gets ready for "The austere 80's". Nicaragua fighting heats up. Panama riots over 28% rise in gas prices and Thailand starts shipping Cambodians back home by the busload.

On February 28, 1981 It Was All About Ron And Maggie And A Side Order Of Nicaragua.

News of the day for February 28, 1981 - British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visits Washington for talks. Nicaragua and El Salvador are heating up. Accusations fly back and forth between Moscow and Washington about sending arms. Secretary of State Alexander Haig chimes in. Attempts being made in the Arab World to end the Iran-Iraq War. And the world spins relentlessly onward.

Mike's Blog Round Up

They Gave Us a Republic: Big bank execs make out like bandits. Majikthise: Nicaragua's shocking abortion ban, and the deadly consequences. Sadly, No

Mike's Blog Roundup

Liberal Values: To conservatives, Europe is a mass of socialism as described in an old Ayn Rand novel with economies doomed to forever fall behind the

Killer Law

Last November, Nicaragua became the third country in the world, after Chile and El Salvador, to criminalize all abortions. There are no exceptions; no

Wolfowitz's Lament!

Wolfowitz's Lament! More Than 100 Journalists Killed This Year By PAUL AMES, Associated Press Writer BRUSSELS, Belgium - More than 100 journalists hav