June 21

Weekend Talkshows Past - Face The Nation: Persian Gulf Policy - June 1987.

Weekend Talkshows Past - Face The Nation: Persian Gulf Policy - June 21, 1987. News regarding U.S. decision to re-flag Kuwaiti Oil Tankers in Persian Gulf. Reports Iran is Mining Persian Gulf. Outcome of U.S.S. Stark bombing incident. Interviews with Under Secretary of State Michael Armacost and Chairman of The House Armed Services Committee, Les Aspin. Leslie Stahl moderates.

June 21, 1955 - The UN Charter, Ten Years On.

June 21, 1955 - Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the United Nations Charter. North Korean pilots defect to South Korea. Big Four Conference in Geneva scheduled for July greeted with enthusiastic anticipation. Winston Churchill welcomes softening of Cold War issues, but is still wary. CIO leader Walter Reuther rejects Auto industry plan for uniform negotiations. Eisenhower extends reciprocal trade agreements.

June 21, 1994 - Murder, Mayhem And A Very Sore Butt.

News of the day - aftermath of shooting spree on Fairchild Airforce Base near Spokane leaves 4 dead and 21 wounded. OJ Simpson case and the search for the murder weapon. Michael Fay leaves a Singapore Prison after his encounter with four lashes. Clinton's Healthcare Reform proposals at risk - Harry and Louise held responsible.Clinton also asks for public support to help defray his $2million dollar court costs for the WhiteWater and Paula Jones cases. Israel shells southern Lebanon town of Nabatya and Occidental Chemical settlement in Love Canal case.
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