March 19, 1987 - Rehearsals For Primetime.

March 19, 1987. Pres. Reagan gives first Press Conference in four months. Iran-Contra Scandal. CIA supplying Contras with plans and blueprints. Congress approves $40 million to Contras. Michael Deaver trying to stay out of jail. Israel stops supplying Military aid to South Africa. Bristol-Myers thinks it may have AIDS vaccine. 65 MPH speed limit approved.

February 3, 1988 - "Give Peace A Chance".

Februrary 3, 1988 - Military Aid funding for Nicaragua Contra's voted down in House 219-211. Presidential hopeful Bob Dole accused of handing political favors. Supreme Court Justice Appointee Anthony Kennedy approved by Senate with a 97-0 vote. SCOTUS rules Surrogate Mother contracts akin to baby selling, which was illegal. Oil slick from 300,000 ton spill threaten Brittany coast in France. Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega to be indicted on drug charges, even though the CIA paid him a reported $200,000 over a decade for cooperation. And Brazil announces arms sale deal with Libya.

November 7, 1987 - Dope Addicts On The Supreme Court.

News of the day for November 7th 1987. Judge Douglas Ginsburg asked to withdraw nomination to the Supreme Court over Marijuana smoking charges. The Soviet Union celebrates 70's years since the Bolsheviks took over. Former Mississippi Governor Ross Barnett dies. President-for-Life Habib Bourguiba of Tunisia removed from office and a Columbia Mississippi Chemical Plant dumping ground has been discovered.

October 18, 1986 - End Of An Era - Start Of A New One.

News of the day for October 18, 1986. Long time Speaker of the House Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill retires from Congress. Captured pilot Eugene Hasenfus to go on trial for shipping arms to Contra rebels in Nicaragua. Red Sox and Mets to square off in first game of the 1986 World Series. Language dispute in Belgium threatens government shakeup and Soviet fishing rights withdrawn in Kiribati.