Harry S. Truman

Death And Suffering, In Living Color

Death And Suffering, In Living Color

For the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Atomic bomb was nothing short of cataclysmic. But Americans were shown a sanitized version of the devastation, and for many years, photographic evidence of the real damage was locked away. The final part of our three part series on the Atomic Cover-up.

March 15, 1947 - Living In A Post-War World.

March 15, 1947 - Living in a Post-War World. Cold War news. Big Four Conference. Palestine question. War Crimes trial in Tokyo. Fighting in China between Government and Communists. Revolts in South America. Foreign Aid to Greece and Turkey. Blizzards in Wales. Floods in East London.

Politics Past - The 1952 California Primaries

Politics Past - The 1952 California Primaries. A radio documentary on the upcoming California and South Dakota primaries with the candidates, the delegates and the voters. Interviews with California political notables and analysis of the turn-out and vote.

February 6, 1948 - Dixiecrats And Rent Control.

News for February 6, 1948 - Dixiecrats call to bolt the party over Truman's Civil Rights legislation. Food prices drop offering a sign the economy is on the mend. Snowstorm disrupts last day of Winter Olympics. Rent Control Bill on hold and elections in Ireland cast doubt for Eamon de Valera's government.

Newstalgia Reference Room - A Truman Press Conference - 1952

Newstalgia Reference Room - A Truman Press Conference in 1952. One of the weekly press conferences during the Truman Years. This one covering the upcoming 1952 Presidential election and the prevailing question whether or not Truman would run.

November 12, 1949 - You Could Be Workin' In A Coal Mine

News for the week of November 12, 1949 - the Coal Miners Strike and John L. Lewis. The 1949 elections. A look back at the 1948 election with Truman's famous imitation of H.V. Kaltenborn's dire prediction of Truman's defeat.
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