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Mike's Blog Round Up

abu muqawama: What does the phrase "time horizon" actually mean? drinking liberally in new milford: The real reason for McCain's Friday night Phil Gr

Mike's Blog Round Up

Guest roundup by Brad Jacobson of MediaBloodhound War and Piece: Why is Israel “appeasing” Syria? And the real reason Bush is pissed at NBC. Hulla

Mike's Blog Round Up

Feministe: 9/11 Redux David E’s Fablog: Lost in the rubble of Monday’s clusterf*ck of five-year-old news came this gem from Mr. Sheri Ann

Tuesday's Children

60 Minutes aired a segment Sunday night on the children of 9/11 victims five years later. It's hard not to be affected by the very real grief still so

The Wrong Side Of Roger

Wolcott: "Another indignity has been visited upon David Corn for his ill-advised (i.e., depraved) decision to sully his name and shame his ancestors

John Lennon

John Lennon Joe Gandleman, Jeralyn Merritt and David Corn have strong John Lennon posts...
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