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It's In Ohio's Hands Now

It's in Ohio's hands, and MSNBC is reporting that the young voters dems had hoped for didn't show up at the polls!See ya in the morning!

Robert Novak Loves Swiftboating

On Crossfire today:Robert Novak thinks the best political move President Bush made during the whole campaign was the Swift Boat Veterans! VideoWhen th

Voter Fraud Alert

Voter Fraud alert: FEAR AND LOATHING IN WEST PALM BEACH- part VIIThis just in From Mark G. Apparently Republican operatives have gotten hold of Democr

Edna Justice Is Our Hero!

Edna Justice is our hero!She is a 76 year old woman, who has been campaigning for John Kerry. VideoEdna is what this country is all about!

I Am Proud To Be A Democrat

US VS. THEM: This is one reason I am proud to be a Democrat: "ABC News conducted a bipartisan experiment in which producers and volunteers went to ral

Video Clip Special

Video Clip Special: Jon Stewart on Osama's latest video! VideoThe "Daily Show" on the Osama tape, Bush, Kerry, Cheney,Springsteen and Arnold on the ca

Fair And Balanced?

We've been watching Fox News tonight to see how some of their "fair and balanced" analysts would respond to the fact that John Kerry won their own pol