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Monday Night Football Flack

Monday Night Football Flack!There is a better version of this clip that we put on 11/18A skit that aired before the Eagles/Cowboys game drew fire from

NOW He Tells Us....

Now He Tells Us Brad DeLongOn November 11, 2004, Bush 41 and Ford-era Assistant to the President for National Security Brent Scowcroft endorses John K

Look For Powell's Book In 2005...

Look For Powell's Book In 2005...and he'll be looking to repair his tarnished reputation by throwing some shit around. Bet on it.Second term national

Video Clip O' Humor

Video clip O' HumorUsually we reserve this spot for The Daily Show, but Bill O'Reilly had me falling off my couch.He wants to nominate Bill Clinton to

Religion And The Founders

Religion and the FoundersThe Founding Fathers were not devout by the standards of many of today's fundamentalist Protestants. To carefully examine wri

60 Minutes Video

60 Minutes Video Ex-CIA agent, Bin Laden expert and author of "Imperial Hubris", Michael Scheuer speaks out! Video