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Journalist Detained By CBP At LAX, Accused Of Being 'Fake News Media'

James Dyer got off the plane at LAX after flying from London, only to be interrogated about his profession by border patrol agents.
Journalist Detained By CBP At LAX, Accused Of Being 'Fake News Media'
James Dyer, sporting Hasbro infinity gauntlets Image from: Empire Magazine

British journalist James C. Dyer landed at LAX and went through customs today, as many travelers do. Only he had quite a different experience than one might imagine.

Dyer tweeted that CBP detained him and accused him of being part of the "fake news media," but that was just the beginning. They had even more questions for the guy who writes about the Star Wars franchise for Empire Magazine:

Apparently one should travel with one's resumé:

He wanted to know if I’d ever worked for CNN or MSNBC or other outlets that are “spreading lies to the American people.” He aggressively told me that journalists are liars and are attacking their democracy.

— James Dyer (@jamescdyer) August 22, 2019

Apparently the only truth now comes from YouTube and the president. All this said under a CBP sign that says “we are the face of our nation.” And with a framed picture of 45 staring down. In fucking California!!! Welcome to Trump’s America!

— James Dyer (@jamescdyer) August 22, 2019

He let me go after I said that I was just here to write about Star Wars, and would keep the fake news about that to a bare minimum. Thankfully the statute of limitations has expired on @ChrisHewitt’s 5 star review of Attack Of The Clones...

— James Dyer (@jamescdyer) August 22, 2019

The fact that I had been watching Years And Years on the plane made it particularly poignant! This isn’t news but the malignant affect this presidency has had on what was once a beacon of democracy and freedom is absolutely chilling.

— James Dyer (@jamescdyer) August 22, 2019

Every day, we slouch a little bit closer to that totalitarian hellscape Trump and his pal Stephen Miller are creating. This is the kind of thing that they'd like to make commonplace.

It's not going to get better until he's gone.

Update: Looks like they make a habit of it:

This same thing happened to me at the start of the year, and Customs and Border Patrol @CBP issued me a personal apology, took action against the employee and retrained other staff. I'm disturbed this happened again.

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— David Mack (@davidmackau) August 22, 2019

UPDATE 2: For clarity, when I say the word "detained," I mean that they stopped him and questioned him. I am not saying he was illegally detained. Nor is he.

To clarify for those (kindly) saying this was illegal detention, I wasn’t detained or taken into a room. This all happened at the visa/passport/fingerprint check and only lasted a couple of minutes. He made no attempt to physically detain me beyond the questions (and lecture).

— James Dyer (@jamescdyer) August 22, 2019

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