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We Fried The Planet, Tra La! Massive Heat Wave Expected To Break Today

Overnight, about 50,000 customers in New York in this area had no lights or air conditioning at one point. Some 30,000 customers in Brooklyn were taken off the grid deliberately to protect vital equipment.

On New Day, they talked about the heat wave.

"It's hard to focus on anything right now (WE KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN, DAVE) but the heat that has been gripping the east and a lot of the midwest as well," David Gregory said.

"Maybe there is some relief in sight after we had broken records throughout the weekend. Overnight, about 50,000 customers in New York in this area had no lights or air conditioning at one point. Some 30,000 customers in Brooklyn were taken off the grid deliberately to protect vital equipment. Meteorologist chad Myers has your forecast now. Are we going to get something to smile about?"

"Yes. Cold air comes through. But those people that were off the grid were off the grid when the heat index was 109 degrees yesterday. Right now it feels like 81. It's still very muggy," Myers said. (Editor's note: Yes indeed, I don't usually turn the AC on until about 2 in the afternoon. During this heat wave? First thing in the morning!)

"So here we go. This is what the records were yesterday: 100 degrees in LaGuardia. 99 at JFK. And the heat index added another eight degrees to that. It's better today. New York today, 83. Also not as bad in the Midwest as temperatures continue to cool down and the air dries out. I think it'd be okay if it was hot if it just wasn't so muggy out there. the rain is going to come through.

"There may even be some flooding today across the Northeast. Because the ground's kind of saturated. it's been muggy forever. That flooding could occur all along the I-95 corridor, with a wind gust that could even bring down more power lines, branches, and some trees. Like we need more power to go out."

HOW HOT WAS IT? When I got in my car to drive to the public pool, it was the first time ever that the thermometer went into triple digits: 102. It was so hot that I hated walking the short distance to the pool deck in my bare feet.

Putting water out for birds and animals is so important in a heat wave if you have a place—even a stoop or a fire escape—to do it.

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— Clara Jeffery (@ClaraJeffery)

"According to Con Edison, there were nearly 32,000 customers without power in Brooklyn and roughly 13,600 without service in Queens as of 10 p.m., and the company estimated their power wouldn’t be back until 11 a.m. Monday."

— Steve Lookner (@lookner)

Police in Braintree, Massachusetts, are asking people to hold off on committing crimes until after the heat wave passes, signing their message, "The PoPo"

— CNN Breaking News (@cnnbrk)

Heat wave life hack.

— Awwwww (@AwwwwCats)

It’s 90° out here and what am I doing? Encouraging people to take back their democracy!!!!

— Joshua G. Cole (@JCole4VA)

The subway has been in crisis for some time, and it’s clearly reaching a breaking point.

People are supposed to be able to rely on public transit - esp during a heat wave.

Robust, transparent public infrastructure investment is needed now more than ever. This can’t continue ⬇️

— Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC)

UPDATE: More than 50,000 customers were left in the dark, mostly in Brooklyn. To prevent a wider blackout, Con Ed deliberately cut power to 33,000 people.

Con Ed planned to start bringing customers back online at around midnight.

— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews)

Why nighttime temperatures are also dangerous during waves.

— The Weather Channel (@weatherchannel)

A citizen called 911 to check on her friend who she hasn’t heard from during the heatwave.

Officers and Medics gained entry into the house and located elderly female severely dehydrated in bed.

She’s going to be okay.

The caller most certainly saved her friends life today.

— Upper Darby Police (@UDPolice)

Heat waves really help me understand how and why religions/legends came about.. It's been like 100° for 2 days and I'm afraid of the sun. I dont know what i did to anger it, and honestly.. im thinking we should sacrifice someone and see if that helps..

— ryan (@Animal_Mothah)

BeNeLux has never recorded air temperatures over 40 °C.

We could break all-time maximum temperature records in all THREE countries this coming week. Some of these records date back to the 1940s.

— Scott From Scotland (@ScottDuncanWX)

Heat wave. My last day in prison in Tracy CA it was 114 degrees. We smashed out every window to get some air. Then the water went out and the toilets wouldn't flush. Silicon Valley was 50 miles away. I wonder if their water went out too

— James Kilgore (@waazn1)

I’m here in Ohio. It’s REALLY hot. They cancelled the New York Triathlon for heat. Are we ready to act on climate yet?

— Tom Steyer (@TomSteyer)

The heat wave can’t stop the 🌊🌊🌊
Great time canvassing in Holt, MI today!

— Max Lewis (@MaxLewMichigan)

No heatwave is powerful enough to stop the tourists

— Billy Penn (@billy_penn)


1. Infrastructure fails.

2. Planes can’t take off.

3. Asphalt can burn you (and your pet).

4. Our bodies suffer serious health risks.

5. Our crops suffer.

— Paul Dawson (@PaulEDawson)

Two-thirds of the country is experiencing a severe heat wave❗️

June was the hottest month on record —EVER‼️

The Arctic is melting at alarming rates‼️

Let’s call it what it is — a Climate Emergency‼️ We must act now and pass a Green New Deal ❗️

— Angelo Greco (@angelo_greco)

And yet, there are still people this dumb:

Stop the breathless pronouncements about heatwave. Not Doomsday evidence. Just summer. Happens annually. Check it out.

— The Roy Green Show (@TheRoyGreenShow)

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