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Jesse Watters Excuses Racism: People Chant Bad Stuff At Football Games UPDATED

Jesse Watters never gets tired of playing the fool.

If Pete Hegseth is the #1 presidential fluffer for Fox News, then Jesse Watters is Trump's court jester.

On Fox and Friends this morning, Trump's BFFs repeatedly played video from Donald's despicable rally in North Carolina where he berated Rep. Omar and led his rally goers into an un-American and very dangerous "send her home" chants.

Fox News host Jesse Waters flew in for a segment and when they asked him what he thought about it, as usual, Watters played the fool.

Co-host Steve Doocy asked, "How would you describe the rally?"

Watters said, "Huge. Record numbers, lines out around the block. Listen, you know, the squad's hot, so he has to create a contrast right now."

Fox News has attacked the newly-elected Democratic women of color since the midterm elections and Trump has now amplified their attacks to the extreme. Make no mistake, this racist hate started with Fox.

Watters claimed Trump telegraphed his attacks on Rep. Omar for the rally.

Jesse continued, "And he runs down this -- the wicked political rap sheet of Omar and AOC. And the media doesn't report what he says about them, reports what the crowd chants. Now I don't know about you guys, but have you guys ever been to a football game? They chant some pretty bad stuff at a football game.

The media is not supposed to amplify Fox News' 2020 political strategy for Trump, idgit.

To defend Trump even more, Watters said, "Politics is a tough sport."

Politics is a tough industry but it's not a frelling football game. The consequences for American citizens and those that represent the people that elected them is in the balance.

Trump has put a huge target on the backs of four newly elected women of color Democratic congresswomen and that's a nightmare.

If Donald Trump took a switchblade and stabbed a supporter at his rally, Jesse would describe Donald's perfect stabbing technique in doing so.

If Donald Trump took an assault rifle and machine-gunned down his supporters at a rally, Jesse would congratulate Trump for causing so many casualties with so little ammunition.

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Watters then claimed that Trump's racist attacks were "really not about race or sex, it's just about patriotism." he said.

And to Watters, Trump gets to define what patriotism is for the American people.

So "love for America" means you stand with the president no matter what? GOOD TO KNOW.

— Frances Langum (@bluegal)

UPDATE: It looks like Watters has been 'touched in the head' by the always unintelligible Greg Gutfeld.

pure mob insanity?
apparently, you've never been to a sporting event.

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld)

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