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Friday News Dump: Bob Mueller Doesn't Want To Testify On Live TV

Maybe he should have ignored his boss and indicted Trump, then!

On one hand, who can blame him? But on the other, he does still work for the public, so...

Mueller 'wants to testify in private' to Congress, Democrat says – live

— The Guardian (@guardian)

It's too late to avoid a political spectacle. That ship sailed when he put responsibility in Congress's hands.

— Charles P. Pierce (@CharlesPPierce)

I don’t know why the Radical Left Democrats want Bob Mueller to testify when he just issued a 40 Million Dollar Report that states, loud & clear & for all to hear, No Collusion and No Obstruction (how do you Obstruct a NO crime?) Dems are just looking for trouble and a Do-Over!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

Alternate view about Mueller testifying in private and why it may be a good thing by a very smart former prosecutor who has thought very strategically about all of this. 👇

— Mimi Rocah (@Mimirocah1)

If you compare Michael Cohen's testimony before OGR with that before HPSCI, it suggests Mueller may have a point about wanting to avoid public testimony.

— emptywheel (@emptywheel)

‘We’re getting back on track’: House Democrats ready Mueller strategy shift

Democrats are aiming to highlight the substance of Mueller's 448-page report.

— Jon Cooper (@joncoopertweets)

slowed Trump down to make him sound drunk years ago.

— One Star Kyle ★✰✰✰✰ (@MrStinkFingers)

Early morning drunk-tweeting is the best drunk-tweeting. Next round is on me!

— David Corn (@DavidCornDC)

When I profiled Warren in 2011, I talked to many of her former students (whom I ed on my own, not via her campaign). They all spoke of her like this. My editors at the time did not want me to include a lot of what they said, because it was simply too over-the-top positive.

— Rebecca Traister (@rtraister)

This should make every American furious, and then it should make us think about what we need to do to elect leaders who don’t treat children, LGBTQ+, and mentally ill immigrants like they’re less than human.

↓ Story continues below ↓

— Grace Meng (@Grace4NY)

COMING SOON: The third annual Meet the Press Film Festival with will be held on Oct. 6 and 7 in D.C.

Issue-based documentary shorts are being accepted now. Here's what we're looking for:

— Meet the Press (@MeetThePress)

Because the economy is rigged to work for those at the top, and not the rest of us. *Cough* *cough.*

Saved you a click.

— For Tax Fairness (@4TaxFairness)

Kushner Company has received $800m in federally backed debt to buy apartments in MD and VA, their biggest purchase in a decade -

— Reid Wilson (@PoliticsReid)

Happy 78th birthday to the greatest lyricist of our time, the prophet, the oracle, the man who don’t give a damn, the GOAT, Bob Dylan.

— Marcus Gilmer (@marcusgilmer)

Letterman: “Did you vote for Trump?” : “I’ve never voted in my life.”

Letterman: “Then you don’t have a say in this.”

— Matt Wilstein (@mattwilstein)

REPORTER: Sir, the constitution says treason is punishable by death. You've accused your adversaries of treason. Who specifically are you accusing of treason?

TRUMP: A number of people. If you look at Comey, McCabe, if you look at Strzok, his lover Lisa Page... 😳

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar)

This will not mean much outside DC -- but the decision to park Amazon HQ2 so close to Capitol will accelerate the grotesque merger of DC/NY/West coast tech power streams, which in this town translates to a kind of corruption where politics becomes about the acquisition of money.

— Molly McKew (@MollyMcKew)

North Korea says talks won't resume unless US changes position on disarmament - NBC News via

— Richard D. Dudley (@Marine1JPN)

Not on my watch. I’m cosponsoring legislation to stop us from going to war with Iran. Congress must use its constitutional authority to stop from dragging us into another forever war.

— Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren)

Oh my, Trump Republicans. Let’s hear your defense of this Soviet-style farm plan. It is even less conservative than the protectionist policies you now promote. And to think many in my Republican class agreed with me in opposing all farm subsidies.

— Joe Scarborough (@JoeNBC)

✅ Raise the minimum wage
✅ Ensure equal pay for equal work
✅ Get big money out of politics

At last month's , laid out his plans for an economy that works for ALL Americans—not just the rich and powerful:

— CAP Action (@CAPAction)

Our left this earth last night as she spent every day of her life, surrounded by love & adoration.

In lieu of flowers, we ask that you donate to

Once we pull ourselves from this shattering pain we will continue to help others in her memory

— Natalie Weaver (@Nataliew1020)

JUST NOW: and demand answers from Steve Mnuchin who loaded Sears with enormous amounts of debt, closed thousands of stores, and enriched himself at the expense of thousands workers who lost their jobs. We deserve justice.

— United for Respect (@forrespect)

Attorney General William Barr was photographed dining at the Trump Hotel in DC Wednesday night — a business his boss still owns and profits from, and one that has become something of a de facto clubhouse for people looking to curry favor with the president

— Citizens for Ethics (@CREWcrew)

And finally, because it's Friday and we all need this:

Having a bad day?

Have some cute overload, and I hope it makes it better!

— Ignoble Savage (@drayzze)

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