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LaPierre Wins The Duel With Oliver North

When the NRA is too corrupt for even Oliver North to continue to lead, thoughts and prayers may not be enough

The NRA is hosting their annual gun humpers and masturbationathon this weekend and in a stunning set of events, Oliver North both skipped the event *AND* stepped down as President. In the clip above, a Board Member reads (as well as Melania Trump reads) North's letter explaining his absence and sudden resignation.

Just yesterday, the New York Times was that "insurgents" were trying to "oust Wayne LaPierre, the foremost voice of the American gun rights movement" following explosive news that NY regulators were examining the groups tax-exempt status. Just this past Wednesday, North asked LaPierre to resign and had set up a committee to investigate alleged "financial improprieties." LaPierre called North's bluff and instead of resigning, sent a "stinging" letter to the NRA board accusing North of threats of blackmail to try to force him to step down.

LaPierre's letter:

NRA chief Wayne LaPierre claims he's being extorted and pressured to resign by NRA President Oliver North, over allegations of financial improprieties. via

— Mark Maremont (@MarkMaremont)

It looks like Oliver North had enough. No idea if he left because LaPierre refused to step down, or if it is truly due to the financial improprieties he saw that the NRA board refuses to address.

Twitter had thoughts (and prayers):

Massive room packed with NRA members.

Incredibly silent as Oliver North who has been a decades long board member essentially resigns and steps away from the National Rifle Association

— Tim Mak (@timkmak)

TFW your organization is too unprincipled for Oliver North

— BigLoganActHat (@Popehat)

Imagine being such an absolute shit organization that Oliver North -- Oliver fucking North -- is too ethical for you.

— Stonekettle (@Stonekettle)

When *slaps face to make sure this isn’t a hallucination* even Oliver North isn’t crooked enough for your org you should probably just close up shop and shutter your doors, .

— Adam Best (@adamcbest)

Good summary here:

imagine an organization so corrupt that a law-breaking document-shredding democracy-meddling justice-obstructing gun-running fund-misappropriating record-forging lying antagonistic jingoistic barrel-bottom shit-heel jailbird like Oliver North no longer wants to be its president

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— Jeff Tiedrich (@itsJeffTiedrich)

And for a great synopsis of what the heck is going on at the NRA, read this article by the New Yorker:

Important context for today's toppling of Oliver North at the NRA: this excellent investigation of what's going on with its financial crisis>>> Secrecy, Self-Dealing, and Greed at the N.R.A.

— Susan Glasser (@sbg1)

Thoughts and Prayers.

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