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Dear Rep. Richard Neal: Stop F**king Around And Get Trump's Tax Returns

This is no time for potty breaks.
Dear Rep. Richard Neal: Stop F**king Around And Get Trump's Tax Returns
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Chairman Richard Neal of the House Ways and Means Committee is playing games with the serious business of asking for Trump's tax returns.

The tried and true adage of "follow the money" from the movie ", " pertains to Donald Trump more than any politician since Nixon.

Arthur Delany writes, "Rep. (D-Mass.) can ask for copies of ’s federal tax returns whenever he wants, but Neal is in no hurry and seemingly doesn’t care if don’t get the documents before the next election."

To put it mildly, what the @#$%#@???

Why is he being so careful? Why is he slow playing this issue, which helped the Democrats take back the House in the 2018 midterms?

All the polling from the American people tells us that they want to see Trump's tax returns. He was the first presidential candidate to hide them from the public in over forty years.

In a in December, 63 percent say that House Democratic leadership in the next session of Congress should be allowed to publicize the president’s tax returns, while 37 percent say it shouldn’t.

On January 27th, 2019, Six in 10 Americans in say the new Democratic majority in the House should make use of its authority to obtain and publicly release Donald Trump’s tax returns, while about as many support other Democratic-led investigations of the president.

In the latest Fox News poll, 74% Want Trump To Release His Tax Returns

So, what the @#$%#@???

Trump ran his entire campaign on being the ultimate deal maker and greatest businessman of all time.

Americans have every right to know what his tax returns are. Period. Stop.

Hasn't Rep. Neal learned anything from the Republicans? Congressional Republicans have subpoenaed and investigated every before them under President Obama's presidency and the first two years of Trump's.

Jeff Hauser of the Revolving Door Project, an anti-corruption initiative of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. Section 6103 is clear, Hauser said, and Congress generally has broad authority to conduct oversight of the executive branch.

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“Contrary to what Neal has been saying, each day of delay does not strengthen their litigation hand ― it is an unearned gift to Donald Trump,” Hauser said.

Each day Chairman Neal ignores his duty on this issue, Trump gets that much stronger.

And demanding to see Trump's tax returns is not a conspiracy theory. It's a necessity.

It is also a transparency issue.

Do your job, Chairman Neal.

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