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Cliven Bundy At Missouri Spring Planting Festival UPDATE: Cancelled

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company's annual festival is bragging that Cliven Bundy is one of their main attractions, calling him a "land rights activist." If you consider shooting at FBI agents, and occupying Native lands "activism," then okay...
Cliven Bundy At Missouri Spring Planting Festival UPDATE: Cancelled
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Update: Customers clearly made their opinion known, and the company responded appropriately.

Cliven Bundy is trying to enter polite society again, and for some reason, he's choosing Missouri to make his entrance. I don't know why he is inflicting himself on innocent Missourians, but Baker Heirloom Seed Company seems more than proud and happy to host him at their Annual Spring Planting Festival next weekend.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is hosting Clive Bundy, the racist, violent, militia, anti-government, anti-public lands, anti-environmental activist to speak at its gathering of 10,000 gardners in May.

Disgusting. Everyone should boycott Baker Creek immediately.


— Kierán Suckling (@KieranSuckling)

Ah, the beauty of writing your own bio. An "heirloom vegetable farmer, cattle rancher, plant breeder, and land rights activist." He's a "living legend of the Old West," you guys! CLIVEN BUNDY! The same Cliven Bundy who inspired the hostile takeover of a wildlife refuge — federal lands — in Oregon.

The same Cliven Bundy who's gang was charged with 16 felony counts EACH for their stand-off in Nevada against federal officers, in which they were heavily armed and barricaded behind concrete half-walls, pointing their weapons at Federal police officers so that they could let their cattle graze on federal lands for free.

The same Cliven Bundy who went on racist rants on so abhorrent that they should come with a trigger warning.

Here's one of Clive's public racist rants filmed by the New York Times. Does agree with him?

— Kierán Suckling (@KieranSuckling)

The same Cliven Bundy whose own farm looks like the entrance to a military base.

Here's the entrance to Clive's ranch and melon farm. Will also set up an armed militia guard at the entrance of it's Missouri Garden show?

— Kierán Suckling (@KieranSuckling)

The same Cliven Bundy who destroys Indigenous lands his ancestors stole, and abuses the people who live there.

Here's Jarvis Jennedy, Burns-Paiute Tribe councilman, fighting the Bundy family as it occupied/militarized the Paiute homeland, desecrating sites and artifacts. will sell $$ heirloom indigenous seeds feet away from Clive whose family attacks Native American culture.

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— Kierán Suckling (@KieranSuckling)

He's a "land activist?" A "living legend?"

Cliven Bundy is a land rights activist like John Dillinger was an alternative banking activist.

— Dave Hageman (@FakeDaveHageman)

Here is Baker Farms' lame response:

We don't invite speakers to our events because of their, political stance, religion, etc. We don't necessarily agree with any of our speakers stance on any subjects not related to gardening. He will be speaking ab dry farming and the handled watermelon. 1 of 20 speakers.

— Baker Creek Seeds (@rareseeds)


I understand and respect your concern. Our goal is simply to bring ppl from all over the world together through gardening, despite differences. Check our past fundraisers and donations, goal is peace through gardening.

— Baker Creek Seeds (@rareseeds)

"Peace through gardening?" With THIS guy?

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