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No James Comey, Don't Weigh MAGA Rage In Pursuit Of Justice

In a NYT oped Thursday, James Comey suggested the 2020 election, not impeachment, should remove Trump from office, because otherwise, MAGA will be mad?

Add James Comey to the concern trolls insisting that impeaching Donald Trump, or impeaching him too soon, or impeaching him with too much enthusiasm, will "divide" the country. From his NYT op-ed: "I hope that Mr. Trump is not impeached... Because... a significant portion of this country would see this as a coup."

The country has been divided by Fox News and hate radio. MAGA Fox viewers will believe that Trump was treated "unfairly" in a fair election.

I think the underlying sentiment in your oped is that a large portion of the country wouldnt care if the president is compromised by a foreign rival and would consider it a coup regardless of his criminality. That is scary.

— Devin Nunes's Bath Sheet (@UFMechEngy) March 21, 2019

Thank you Dahlia Lithwick for injecting some sanity into Comey's nonsense:

DAHLIA LITHWICK: That [Comey's argument] was crazy making. And stipulate the beginning of that op-ed I thought was very fair and right. He's saying "Look, I don't have a dog in this fight, I just want the facts." Good point. Stipulated. But then he has this funny turn where he says "whatever the outcome is don't go for impeachment because there's going to be a blowback." And I think the very notion that we are going to conform our responses to the Mueller report to sort of mollify angry people who are not going to accept it as true is first of all kind of how Comey got into trouble with Hillary Clinton in the first instance, but that can't be the answer. We can't be afraid of where truth takes us. And if truth takes us to a place that causes a lot of people to be very angry and then to conform our actions because of that I think is exactly why, you know, this starts to look like asymmetrical warfare.

It especially looks like asymmetrical warfare when you consider the number of Republicans prepared to "pre-impeach" Hillary Clinton the moment she put her hand on the Bible.

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Yo, James Comey: YOUR party is the party of Solyndra Fast and Furious Whitewater Baby Parts Vince Foster Birth certificate Kenyan Muslim Uranium One Seth Rich Benghazi and the Tarmac. And her emails.

— Frances Langum (@bluegal) February 28, 2019

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