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Why Wasn't Brian Kilmeade Struck Down By Lightning?

Brian Kilmeade complained to his Trump supporting live audience that Democrats have no agenda other than blocking Trump. O ye, of little memory.

Fox and Friends completely ignored Rudy Giuliani's insane CNN interview last night.

However, they found time to attack Dems for trying to block Trump's heinous border wall. "How dare anyone obstruct a president?" they asked, forgetting how they celebrated when Sen. Mitch McConnell said he'd do everything he could to make President Obama a one-term president.

During their second hour of airtime, while still ignoring Giuliani, F&F aired complaints about the government shutdown only from Trump surrogates. They were bolstered by having a Trump-loving live audience sitting on stage with them throughout the broadcast.

Steve Doocy said, "It does look unfortunately that this could be the tone that the Democrats are going to take for the next two years. Just whatever the president suggests, stop. just stop."

Kilmeade jumped in, "Yeah, but why would you get reelected, why would you elect anybody that just doesn't have an agenda that's just there to stop the president? They have goals too."

Oh my god, Brian.

During the Obama presidency, every Republican politician insisted out loud that they were there to obstruct and block every policy, every legislation, every judge nomination from the White House, as a matter of principle.

When Republicans do it, it's principled, when Democrats try to stop a xenophobic monster, they are obstructionists?

Ainsley Earhardt said they asked their audience members if Nancy Pelosi should shut down State of the Union address. They all were against it, obviously. That's why they were invited on television.

Every conservative and Republican politician and pundit that complains about the Democrat obstructionism should be struck by a giant lightning bolt spelling out the word "hypocrisy."

[email protected] Dude, you're the "professional" here. Asking a bunch of your viewers for help to make Trump's shutdown go better is weak. You guys have lost this fight.

— Christopher Swartout (@chrisswartout) January 17, 2019

Mitch McConnell, who could rally a previously unanimous Senate by letting them overturn the destructive #TrumpShutdown, was portrayed as a standard-issue party-before-nation hack in Michelle Obama’s “Becoming.” Here:

— David Beard (@dabeard) January 12, 2019

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