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Nancy Pelosi 'Suggests' Trump Postpone SOTU Due To His Shutdown

Citing heavy security concerns, Speaker Pelosi sent a letter to Trump to reschedule the event until the government is reopened and the Secret Service is being paid. He could also deliver it in writing. Yeah.

Citing heavy security concerns, to reschedule the State of the Union speech until the government is reopened and the Secret Service is being paid.

When Trump callously reneged on a bipartisan deal to reopen the government to appease Rush Limbaugh, another unintended consequence was that he put his SOTU address at risk.

Speaker Pelosi explained that during any presidential State of the Union address the entire U.S. government leadership is present in one location which is a huge national security risk and with a government shutdown, it's a very dangerous move.

MSNBC and the media caught up with Speaker Pelosi and she spent a few minutes explaining her position on the issue.

Pelosi said, "Homeland Security is about all the resources needed to prepare for a State of the Union address which -- it's an event of special security and so these people are not working and we've never really had a State of the Union when government has been in shutdown since the Budget Act in the '70s."

She continued, "We would have the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States, the entire Congress of the United States, House and Senate, the Supreme Court, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the cabinet of the United States and the diplomatic core all in the same room. This requires hundreds of people working on the logistics and the security of it. Most of those people are either furloughed or victims of the shutdown, but that isn't the point. The point is security."

The amount of security is massive during a SOTU. Trump obviously only viewed the government shutdown through the lens of how his AM talk radio hosts feel about it.

Maybe Trump thinks he can dial 555-Rent-A-Cop and have a hundred security guards bused down to secure the event. As a treat he'll serve them up some McDonald's fish fillets and diet Cokes because that must be their favorite food too.

Pelosi suggested that if Trump doesn't want to wait he could just send the State of the Union to the Congress in writing. This is how presidents did it from Thomas Jefferson on, until Woodrow Wilson addressed the Congress in a speech in 1913.

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Trump is unlikely to give up a prime time television appearance he can use for email-fundraising before and afterwards. But if he does, expect Stephen Miller to craft another "American Carnage" race-baiting humdinger, as he did for the inauguration.

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