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Glenn Beck Admits Trump Hired Dirty Trickster In Roger Stone

Glenn Beck knows Roger Stone is a bad guy, and that Bannon is next. Is it possible Beck is glad he doesn't have to toe the Fox News Line today?

Glenn Beck doesn't have to toe a Fox News line anymore, and while his "The Blaze" teeters on and off into business, he's able to let his Tweedledum sidekicks actually read the New York Times on the air. That's bad news for Donald Trump:

Glenn Beck: I don't see how he has a defense at all because on his back is Nixon! He's got an actual tattoo of Nixon on his back. He's the original dirty trickster under Nixon! He is he is unrepentant for now. What does this mean other than Donald Trump picks some really bad people to be around him? He's the worst of the worst. There's nothing at this point to connect him to Donald Trump. There's nothing on collusion or anything else. However the next guy probably to drop now will be Steve Bannon. And if Steve Bannon has testified that I had no idea about Roger Stone, I had no idea about Wikileaks and if they have evidence that he did, Bannon will be the next to go.

Steve Burguiere: And that's also in the indictment you can kind of see the chain of other indictments that might happen. So they've already shown in this that stone was in communication with these people to get this information, they knew about it. Another unnamed person in this indictment is what they're calling "a senior campaign staff member."

OFF SCREEN: And that's Bannon.

Burguiere: It's Bannon. The reason we know it's Bannon is because they lay out everything that was said in the indictment between Stone and this person, and that email has already been dropped its all over the place in The New York Times today word for word -- but him in The New York Times version it's got Steve Bannon's name in the to and from subject line.

Beck: So here's the problem for Donald Trump: if he has testified and said he didn't know that's going to be a real issue.

I feel like not enough people know that Roger Stone—who was arrested by the FBI this morning and charged with 7 federal crimes—has a tattoo of Richard Nixon’s face on his upper back.

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— Michael Del Moro (@MikeDelMoro) January 25, 2019

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