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Fox News Hires Dan Bongino After He Was Banned For 'Unglued' Conduct

Dan Bongino is a thrice-failed Congressional candidate whose NRATV show was recently dropped after less than a year.
Fox News Hires Dan Bongino After He Was Banned For 'Unglued' Conduct

Three-time election loser and loud-mouth Trumper Dan Bongino was banned from Fox News @ Night over his “unglued” behavior yet he was just hired as a contributor to the network. It’s a sad reminder of just how far the network has sunk

Fox News has always acted as a propaganda outlet for the Republican Party, camouflaged with some legitimate news operations, as this blog has demonstrated since its 2004 inception. But while some at the network have clearly in the dangerous shenanigans of the Trump administration, the Sean Hannity brigade of Trump sycophants are clearly in the driver’s seat. Not only was the Trump-worshiping, Hannity-show regular Sebastian Gorka hired as a “” despite his ties to the Nazi Party, his on-air call ( from Hannity) for Hillary Clinton to be executed and dubious national security credentials, but Gorka for the contract.

Now Bongino is . Also on the Hannity show (as well as Fox & Friends and Ingraham Angle) , Bongino is a Congressional candidate whose NRATV show was after less than a year. Furthermore, he was from the Fox News @ Night show after he “became unglued,” according to a Daily Beast source. “He’s not someone who would typically be on the news shows,” that source added. It's worth noting that Gorka is on Fox's news shows.

So why would Fox News hire Bongino when it seems nobody else wants to? probably has the answer: Bongino’s a loud-mouthed Trump supporter who says his life is now “all about owning the libs.” More to the point, he’s Trump World’s kind of guy. Here’s how described Bongino's now-defunct NRATV show:

The theme of Bongino’s show We Stand quickly became the Trump-Russia investigation. In an August report, Media Matters at length the and nonsensical ways Bongino used his show to try to absolve Trump and his administration from any wrongdoing and to call for an end to the investigation. (Bongino also talked about the Trump-Russia investigation during his on Fox News.) One of Bongino’s rants is when he said on NRATV, “Fire Bob Mueller; fire this guy now. This is a disgrace. We investigate crimes -- we don’t investigate people.”

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Oh, and did I mention he’s also ?

So, ladies and gentlemen, take a look at what Fox News thinks is the kind of commentary worth paying for below, where Bongino rants about “owning the libs,” from the October 4, 2018 NRATV’s We Stand, via .

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