Fox Host Worries That 29-Year-Old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Might Jump Into 2020 Primary Race

Someone needs to remind the Trump cheerleaders over on State-Run TV, a.k.a. Fox "news" that they are going to have to wait a few years before they start fearmongering over the possibility that one of their favorite punching bags, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, might decide to run for president:

During a snark-filled segment about the 2020 Democratic presidential primary on Friday’s Outnumbered, Fox News host Harris Faulkner had a question for her fellow panelists: “What are y’all going to do if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez jumps in?”

Not one person seated around the couch corrected her on one important fact: At 29 years old, the freshman Democrat from New York will not be old enough in 2020 to run for president. According to the Constitution, candidates must be 35 years old by Inauguration Day.

“She’s going to take all the water out of the pool,” Faulkner predicted.

From there, Juan Williams said the the right would be “delighted because she’s such a convenient foil” before shifting the conversation to Beto O’Rourke’s live-streamed dentist appointment. [...]

Unlike Ocasio-Cortez, who would be just old enough to run for the presidency in 2024, O’Rourke will be 48 years old on Election Day 2020, one year older than Barack Obama was when he took office in (sic) 2008.

Facts are pesky things over on Trump-TV.

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