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Commander Bone Spurs Turns Visit To The Troops Into Campaign Rally

Are we really supposed to believe Trump didn't have those MAGA hats distributed to the troops?

It's always about him.

Trump's surprise visit to Iraq turned into another campaign rally, because he literally can't concentrate on anything that doesn't pump up his own ego. CNN New Day's John Berman talked to Gen. Mark Hartling:

"General, I want to start with you. Let's just talk about the trip. A stop in Iraq, and also a stop at the air base in Germany, And these are visits that do matter, not just to the troops but also these leaders, and an important step, albeit one that took a long time to do, but a big step," Berman said.

"Congratulations for him for after two years in presidency visiting soldiers in Iraq. It's important," Gen. Hartling said. "They do get energized and fired up when they see a commander-in-chief visiting them in a war zone. It shows a sense of camaraderie, and the folks back home concerned about their loved ones that the president understands what they are doing when he goes there. just the very nature of the trip is a good thing. It's some of the other things that occurred, as I am sure will be pointed out soon, it makes the run for a long side not as good as it could have been."

"What are you talking about there? You had concerns about the politicization, and troops did bring their political paraphernalia, and the troops, perhaps in your mind should not have had the Make America Great hats, right?" Berman asked.

"Yeah, that's the Department of Defense and U.S. Army, but it's a Department of Defense regulation that you don't have paraphernalia, and you don't politicize events, and they were not doing that when they were greeting the president, and the hats are not something they allow at these events. We tell them beforehand: Do as much selfie taking, but we would like you to keep the politics back home, and truthfully all the commanders and in two cases the presidents have done that. This was over the edge."

"Over the top," Berman said.

Well, of course. Did anyone suffer from the delusion that the troops would be anything more than props for the TV reality show that runs 24/7 in his head? The past two years have trained us to expect nothing more than the bare minimum -- and even that, he'll find a way to ruin.

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Reactions were critical:

Charlie Sykes tears into Trump for insulting the troops during his visit to Iraq.

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa)

Trump to the troops in Iraq:
"You haven’t gotten [a raise] in more than ten years. More than ten years. And we got you a big one. I got you a big one....I said no. Make it ten percent. Make it more than ten percent. Because it’s been a long time."
Just FYI, none of this is true.

— Bill Kristol (@BillKristol)

Trump, in his speech to the troops in Iraq, delivered remarks that sounded at times as if he were at a campaign rally: “We’re no longer the suckers, folks, and people aren’t looking at us as suckers and I love you folks because most of you are nodding your head this way.“

— Jim Acosta (@Acosta)

After Trump visited Iraq, he posted a video to his Twitter account that may have compromised operational security and violated procedures designed to safeguard the identities of U.S. special operation forces, especially when deployed to a combat zone.

— VoteVets (@votevets)

Video footage and the written report of Trump's visit with service members in Iraq showed signing of hats and a "Trump 2020" patch.

But troops' requests for the autographs could brush up against Department of Defense guidelines for political activities.

— CNN (@CNN)

As skeptical as I am toward anything Trump does, as much as I prepare myself for the worst day after day, did he really have to go to Iraq, politicizing the visit and then revealing the identities & location of Navy seals in a self-aggrandizing video? Just the worst.

— Steven Beschloss (@StevenBeschloss)

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