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Kevin McCarthy Wins House Minority Leader Over Jim Jordan

Kevin "those Benghazi investigations were about tanking Hillary's poll numbers wait did I say that out loud?" McCarthy has going for him that he's not Jim Jordan.

We can't write about Kevin McCarthy without pulling from our treasured video archives that moment when Kevin McCarthy threw his House Speakership in the toilet. Watch above this clip from 2015 where McCarthy tells Hannity in his outside voice that the purpose of the Benghazi hearings was to hurt Hillary Clinton's poll numbers. The result? McCarthy pulled his name from consideration to be House Speaker, and Paul Ryan was dragged kicking and screaming into the position.

But Republicans are always willing to give one of their own a second chance to make a bad impression, so McCarthy beats out Jim Jordan, likely the only WORSE candidate in the House apart from Louis Gohmert and Steve King, to become House Minority (irony! he's a white guy of course) leader.

The final vote in the house was 159-43.

Kudos to Republicans for picking a House Minority Leader who somehow has even less of a spine than Paul Ryan does. Kevin McCarthy is going to be Trump’s biggest doormat, which will be quite the feat in a party full of sycophants.

— Adam Best (@adamcbest) November 14, 2018

A real tribute to Kevin McCarthy that Republicans think he'd be a better enabler of an abuser than Jim Jordan.

— LOLGOP👀 (@LOLGOP) November 14, 2018

Pervert @Jim_Jordan is accused by over a dozen college wrestlers of ignoring and enabling sexual abuse.

GOPer Duncan Hunter @Rep_Hunter is charged with 60 counts of fraud.

GOPer Chris Collins is charged with insider trading.

All are still in Congress. The faces of GOP values.

— Ricky Davila (@TheRickyDavila) November 14, 2018

And burying the lede Liz Cheney got her wish:

Here’s the House leadership slate:
Minority Leader: Kevin McCarthy
Whip: Steve Scalise
Conference chair: Liz Cheney
NRCC chair: Tom Emmer

— Lissandra Villa (@LissandraVilla) November 14, 2018

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