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Diamond And Silk Play Immigration And National Security Experts On Fox News

Vloggers “Diamond and Silk” posed as "experts" on immigration, national security, the caravan of migrants and Donald Trump’s border wall on Fox and Friends Friday morning.

Not even Fox & Friends cohost Rachel Campos-Duffy could come up with a credential to present vloggers “Diamond and Silk” as experts on immigration, national security, the caravan of migrants and Donald Trump’s border wall. But all three cohosts acted as though the duo provided intelligent analysis – even as they once again displayed their indifference to the truth.

After introducing the duo as “social media stars and Trump supporters,” Campos-Duffy asked them, in all seriousness, “Is this a political stunt, having the troops at the border?”

Of course, Campos-Duffy didn’t mention that the troops the border just as some of the migrants are beginning to arrive. Nor did she mention that the cost of this deployment is estimated at .

But hey, money is no object when it comes to propping up Dear Leader Trump – even if you can’t manage to report truthfully at the same time.

“Diamond” Lynnette Hardaway once again revealed her and/or with her first comment: “The president is trying to protect our borders from an invasion. What I call a political stunt is Kamilla [sic] Harris and the rest of the Democrats pushing a Russian collusion story, trying to protect Robert Mule-er [sic] instead of protecting our border.”

But hey, facts are no object compared to propping up Dear Leader.

So when Hardaway said, “How about they fund the wall?” cohost Steve Doocy prompted for more. “He [Trump] ran on building the wall and Congress has not helped him out,” Doocy prodded.

FACT CHECK: Trump ran on building the wall and . It’s an important detail the cohosts conveniently forgot. The “social media stars” either forgot, too, or never knew in the first place.

Doocy continued with the pretense that Congress, not Trump’s deal-making mojo, was to blame: “And now here we are, two years later, and he’s saying, ‘Look, unless I get some money to build this wall, I don’t mind shuttin’ down the government partially.’”

“Well, hey, he have to do what he have to do,” “Diamond” Hardaway said. Proving that her command of grammar matches her command of facts.

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“When you see people headed to our country and telling us that they’re gonna cross our borders illegally … and, like, they can roam in our country, they’re not gonna be roaming in the Kamilla [sic] Harris’ and the Nancy Pelosis’ neighborhood, they’re gonna throw these people in the hood with other people and there’s gonna be all of this bickering back and forth. We can’t let that happen,” Hardaway continued.

“Why is she even a senator?” Hardaway asked about Harris. Of course, the answer is because she was elected. But Campos-Duffy was too eager to start the War on Christmas to honor our system of democracy.

“I see you have a CHRISTMAS tree,” Campos-Duffy said pointedly and with enthusiasm.

And before long, the duo got a chance to plug their online store.

“A black Friday deal? Alright!” cohost Griff Jenkins gushed.

Watch this abomination put forward as “news analysis” above, from the November 23, 2018 Fox & Friends.

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