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Cindy Hyde-Smith Doesn't Get What A 'Joke' Is, Part Infinity

At this point, the only story that matters in Mississippi is Cindy Hyde-Smith's terrible judgment.

It really is hard for a woman to break out in a male-dominated industry. That is true.

And yes, women who enter that work environment often have to put up with a lot of stupid crap from men.

And it is perfectly okay if you are running for public office, to bring up your past experience with misogyny in the workplace.

What is not okay is repeating sexist violence-against-women jokes at a swanky campaign event and laugh along with your audience ha ha while at the same time touting how great you have been at standing up to patriarchy.

It's not really a fine line, Cindy.

Rodney Dangerfield never told a "shoot my wife in the head, please" joke, but you did.

It's another example of her terrible judgment and complicity with oppression.

yeah...but telling the story while laughing (and getting laughs from her, probably all old white male, audience) pretty much endorses the “jokes” — either way it’s def just not appropriate, especially for somebody who had done all the other dumb shiz she has done recently)

— ᴿealfarmacist (@real_farmacist)

So she’s retelling these jokes to a bunch of old, white men who probably have already heard them in an attempt to relate. What a woman like her doesn’t understand is that this allows for men to feel comfortable saying things like this. “She’s laughing. Let’s tell another.”

— Mo (@modasilva)

UPDATE: MLB has asked for their money back.

UPDATE: Companies that are asking Cindy-Hyde Smith to refund their contributions:

Union Pacific

Boston Scientific







Ernst & Young

Companies that are letting Hyde-Smith keep their money:

— Judd Legum (@JuddLegum)

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