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The GOP Has A Steve King Problem But Doesn't Care

Why would they care if Steve King is a White Nationalist so long as he's a reliable vote-getter in Iowa?

Remember when Rand Paul ran away rather than be confronted by a DREAMer while talking to Steve King?


What happens during the Iowa caucuses in 2020? Does Trump embrace they guy who re-tweets Nazis? Sure!

But other Republican Congressman might be "uncomfortable" with that, though not enough to boot either Steve King or Donald Trump from their party.

Steve King doesn't wear a mask:

Steve King on his support for European far-right white nationalist groups: “If they were in America pushing the platform that they push, they would be Republicans.”

— Dan Eggen (@DanEggenWPost) October 29, 2018

Name him-Congressman Steve King from Iowa. Think about who you want making decisions for the country and #vote. #Midterms2018

— Maya Wiley (@mayawiley) October 29, 2018

Chris Hayes interviewed two congressmen from Pennsylvania, Democrat Brendan Boyle and (retiring and therefore reasonable) Republican Ryan Costello.

Both Congressman felt that rather than Congress expelling Steve King, the VOTERS should expel Steve King by voting for J.D. Scholten.

Apparently, there are Republicans in Iowa who agree.

And kudos to Chris Hayes for pointing out there is no "both sides" to Steve King:

REP RYAN COSTELLO (R-PA): I know we don't like to do what-aboutism, but there have been Democrats in the past who have said things that are highly offensive. If we're going to start kicking people out of office.

CHRIS HAYES: Believe me, if someone had -- whatever the left version of Steve King's views are in the Democratic Party, then I think we could talk then. The problem -- the facts are -- there's no one like Steve King in the United States Congress. There just isn't. And he has made that very clear. I mean, that's where we are at this moment. To me that's the question about what lines the Republican Party are going to draw around what's acceptable to believe within their brand and what is not.

PS You can donate to J.D. Scholten campaign to send Steve King packing, at Blue America.

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Steve King and his Nazism can LOSE this election.

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