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Campbells Employs Anti-Soros Tweeting Soup Nazi

Kelly Johnston, VP of Governmental Affairs for Campbell Soup, spreads Soros conspiracy theories on Twitter, then deletes his account.
Campbells Employs Anti-Soros Tweeting Soup Nazi
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Every hear of Kelly Johnston? Me, neither. Apparently he used to be Secretary of the US Senate under Bob Dole, and now he's VP of Government Affairs for Campbell Soup. Mmm Mmm Good, right? Well, it appears we may have an actual real-life Soup Nazi on our hands, thanks to those in the "lying media" like Kenneth Vogel.

Vice President of Government Affairs for (a former Secretary of the US Senate under Bob Dole) spreading conspiracy theory about ' planning & executing migrant caravan "including where they defecate."

— Kenneth P. Vogel (@kenvogel)

That's right, kids. The guy in charge of interacting with the government on behalf of our beloved Campbell's Soup is spreading right-wing conspiracy theories about George Soros, Open Society, and the migrants risking their lives by walking over 1500 miles to become Americans. Howdyalike them soup cans? After being super persnickity about being challenged, Johnston deleted his account completely.

Also, it appears that Kelly Johnston has deleted his Twitter account, which seems like quite a contrast from his confrontational defense of his /-conspiracy tweet yesterday.

— Kenneth P. Vogel (@kenvogel)

Vogel asked Campbell Soup if Johnson's views represented the company's, and of course, the Campell's spokesperson was all, "I'm sorry, I lost my phone, and all the s. Who is this Kelly Johnston again?" I AM JUST KIDDING of course they said Johnston's views were "his own."

RESPONSE FROM CAMPBELLS SPOX: "The opinions Mr. Johnston expresses on Twitter are his individual views & do not represent the position of ."
MY FOLLOW-UP: What is the company's position on the subjects raised by @johnston_kelly's tweet?

— Kenneth P. Vogel (@kenvogel)

Christina Pelosi went after them...

Hi what’s the deal with your VP Kelly Johnston serving up vile anti-Semitic lies that precipitated a BOMB at the Soros home? Do you NOT want Jewish families to buy your soup or did you think people wouldn’t notice? 👀

— #WeSaidEnough (@sfpelosi)

And so we are clear your VP erasing his Twitter and your disavowing his tweet well AFTER is NOT good enough so miss us with that. You were fine til Vogel called you. ?

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— #WeSaidEnough (@sfpelosi)

Campbell Soup put out a statement distancing the company from Johnston's statement, saying it was "inconsistent with how Campbell approaches public debate." Note that it does not disavow the content of the statement, nor does it express sorrow that one of its top lobbyists is a racist anti-Semite. Just that this tweet of Johnston's "colored his service to us." Hmph. Nice turn of phrase, there. He was set to leave in November, anyhow, so hey, big whoop - we're still gonna throw him that retirement party!

UPDATE: Campbell Soup Co. pres/CEO responds to after its lobbyist circulated conspiracy theory about Soros & the migrant caravan. Says the man’s tweets “are inconsistent with how Campbell approaches public debate.”

Also: lobbyist was already set to leave in Nov.

— Elana Schor (@eschor)

And THIS? On the day after George Soros' house was sent a bomb? The day we are learning of bombs sent to President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and now CNN Headquarters in NY? This dude needs to GO, and go NOW.


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