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The Mooch Is Sliming His Way Across The News Today

Anything to get back into the spotlight, amirite, Anthony?

The Mooch returned to the public eye this morning, Twitter reacts:

#bannon's downfall has created a massive opportunity for #TheMooch to score some major points with @realDonaldTrump defending him and attacking #Bannon during a time where we know #Trump is watching #bannon coverage intently

— Kurt Bardella (@kurtbardella) January 4, 2018

#Scaramucci is the human form of herpes.#themooch #goaway

— Marcella (@marcellalaluna) January 4, 2018

Don't say it if you don't want to hear it again, dumbfuck.#TheMooch

— 🤔 Does it really matter🤔 (@VickVinegar211) January 4, 2018

Watching @Scaramucci trying to say Trump isnt a #dotard on @SRuhle is the funniest thing ive seen this year! This poor guys integrity is gone. Funniest part: he believes he wont be thrown under the bus. Not sure whos egos bigger, the @potus or #theMooch

— theArtsyLiberal (@TheArtsyLiberal) January 4, 2018

Pull the plug on @Scaramucci ! Enough already @MSNBC ! This isn’t @foxandfriends . #TheMooch is a tool. He peacocks for himself then says the same about #Bannon. A pardon? The Mooch lost his mind. @SRuhle

— Blue Oyster Dvp (@blueoysterdvp) January 4, 2018

When Anthony Scaramucci says “I was there for a lot of it,” he means “I was fired after 11 days—which means I was there for 3.1% of Trump’s presidency so far.”

— Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) January 4, 2018

Anthony Scaramucci slams alleged comment by Steve Bannon calling Donald Trump Jr. meeting in Trump Tower "treasonous": "There's nobody less treasonous than Don Jr., there's nobody more patriotic."

— ABC News (@ABC) January 4, 2018

I saw Scaramucci on MSNBC just now and I was about to click it off but this happened

RUHLE: I understand you just spoke to the president

SCARAMUCCI: ...uh, no actually, I was on hold

— Simon Maloy (@SimonMaloy) January 4, 2018

[email protected] tells @GStephanopoulos that Steve Bannon was a "lone wolf operating rogue against the president's interests."

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) January 4, 2018

I love your show, @SRuhle but allowing this con man, bottom-feeder, Scaramucci, to spin his bs is beneath you and your audience @MSNBC. You're giving him legitimacy when he has none.

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— American Girl (@TheAmerican22) January 4, 2018

Oh @Scaramucci shut the heck up. It's a free country. If Bannon thinks Don Jr was unpatriotic, he has a right to say it. Bannon doesn't owe him an apology for anything.
Angling for another job, are ya?

— Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) January 4, 2018

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